Deep Comp- 3/2/17


Today is optional. If you perform best after a day of light exercise, then this workout is for you. On the other hand, if your body is telling you to rest, make sure you listen to it. For what is worth, technically you should rest today, especially considering the compounded effect of possibly performing repeats. The goal is to be ready to rev the engine up to 💯 tomorrow. Tonight we learned about a new workout, and no one cares about what we did or didn't do last week.

Update: at the moment, we are 12th in the region. Well done. We will continue to go all in, every week. 


I. Weightlifting

E2MOM 12

A. Hip Power Clean + Hang Power Clean @60-70%

B. 10 V-rolls to Pistol Position 

  1. Aternate each rep and only stand up the last rep. 

C. Crossover Symm. Y-Negatives x 7

  1. 2s pause in each position. Descend on a 3 count from overhead. 


II. Conditioning

Choose one for D and F: (Row or Bike)

D. 5 Minutes @ 55-65%  effort 

E. Spend five minutes working on your squat position while recovering from D. We will be going below 90 tomorrow. 

F. Minutes @50-55% effort  


III. Recovery and Mental Preparation  

  • Foam roll, take a bath, go do Cryo, etc.  
  • Spend time meditating and visualizing this evening after the workout is released, then prioritize getting as much sleep as possible (8-9 hours) 
  • Me and Eric will provide you with another strategy video as soon as we can.