Deep Comp- 2/20/17


Today we start a four day "taper" leading into Friday Night Lights.

This Monday will simulate an attempt #2 for 17.1-17.5, but with lowered intensity.

Yes, there is no strength today. This was intentional and will help you feel 100% on Friday.


I. Conditioning

A. Emom 12:

14-18 Calorie Row

14-18 Burpees

10-12 C2B

8-12 DB Thrusters 50/35

(Rest 3)

B. Repeat for 8

  1.  The goal here is to get out of breath and stay out of breath while executing efficient movement patterns. Listen to your body, don't overdo it, don't rip, but don't be soft.


II. Skill / Gymnastic 

C. Players choice- pick one of your weakest skills and practice it with ample rest and low volume. 

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