Deep Comp- 9/9/16



Session 1: Engine

Every 4 for 32 (8 sets): Run 400m

  1. Pick a goal time that is 1-2 seconds faster than last week's average. Your goal is to hit that number every run, without any drop off.
  2. Next week is the last week of this specific progression. Stick with it. 


Session 2: Weightlifting

A. Clean Grip Stiff Leg DL: 3-4x5 @90% (of clean)

  1. Do 3-4 sets depending on how your posterior chain is feeling.  

B. Muscle Clean: 3 x 4 AHAP at a working weight

  1. Heavier than last week


Session 1 or 2: Gymnastics

C. Muscleup + Strict Dip: 5x4-6 (rest 90-120s)

D. Wall Marches: 3x45s

  1. With your nose and toes touching the wall, practicing shifting your center of gravity from arm to arm and then begin performing shoulder taps.


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