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We are on the bubble ladies and gentlemen. Although the competition is stiffer, everyone has already proven they have what it takes to be at Regionals. We've trained harder than any previous year and it shows. We all spent the last four weeks putting ourselves through a lot of pain to give ourselves this shot. Well, the final drive of the game is here. This workout is all that stands between us and walking onto the Regional stage to compete with the best. Most of us have done this workout before so we know how bad it hurts. I can tell you this, nothing is going to hurt worse than missing out on the opportunity to show off what Team Deep can do. Don’t leave anything on the table. As you look at the bar after a set of burpees, tell yourself this: "there is someone else in our region who isn’t staring at the barbell, because they already picked it up." Pick the barbell up tomorrow and let's fucking crush this shit.


Kevin did very well on this workout in 2014 so here were his sets:

unbroken the rest of the way

This strategy will work very well as long as your rest is 3-5 seconds tops. I watched a lot of people do this workout that year and it was all down to transitions. The burpees need to be your recovery and you have to pick the barbell up immediately. Tara tried to do big sets out the gate and actually failed a couple thrusters on her first try. The pressing motion really taxes the shoulders quickly. She did some smarter breaks on her second try and improved by 30 seconds. 

Key Points

  1. Breathing during the entire thruster movement is a must. There shouldn't be a single moment where you are holding your breath. The bar is light, you don't need the valsalva maneuver. 
  2. Keep the arms very relaxed. If you are pressing the elbows up you will tax the shoulders faster. 
  3. Practice your burpee technique. Rich maintained his signature burpee hop back in '14, but he switched to a hybrid step up mid way through tonight's event. See what works best for you and keep moving. 
  4. Wear knee sleeves, it will keep you from squatting as deep.