Deep Comp- 3/13/16

This workout is for Sunday or Monday. The majority of you should plan to repeat 16.3 on Monday, so you'll just do mobility and conditioning today, and will do the back squats after your repeat is completed on Monday. 

I. Strength 

A. Back squat- 1x8, 2x5, 2x3

  1. Each rep scheme is at a working weight based on feel. Go heavier this week if you're feeling healthy. 

II. Conditioning  

 A. 14 Minute Assault Bike (for cals)

  1. Perform at a very uncomfortable pace. (for those not repeating)

B. 21 Minute Recovery Assault Bike

  1. Use this time to visualize and kick it into high gear every so often.  (for those repeating)


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