Deep Comp- 2/6/16

I. Warmup

1 Round- Hokey Pokey 

  1. Shake it all about  


MM/FF teams- Twister 

  1. Choose intensity based on how your body is feeling. 


II. Skill 

4 Rounds (not for time)

3 Legless Rope Climbs

60m Handstand Walk

9 Tall Box Jumps


III. Conditioning

Ascending Chipper (2013 Games Team Event)

Teams of 3 Men / 3 Women

For time, perform a total of:

50 Deadlifts (280 / 185 lbs)

60 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

70 Cleans (190 / 135 lbs)

80 Pull-ups

90 Snatches (140 / 85 lbs)

100 Toes to bar

  1. The men start and work together to complete the reps. Once they have started the Pull-ups, the women may begin and work together to complete their reps.
  2. The actual teams will likely change due to the turnout. We will still have teams of three though.  
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