Deep Comp - 3/1/16

Awesome work on 16.1 team. You should all be proud of your efforts. The next four weeks will be a grind. Stay positive and find ways to keep yourself mentally fresh. Add in meditation time or anything else relaxing for you. If this workout wasn't your strength, don't dwell on it. It's time to focus on recovery and training so we are best prepared for 16.2.

Tuesdays going forward will be pretty tough. It is going to be the hardest training day during the open so be ready to come in and work through lingering soreness / mental fatigue. These are not super high intensity days, save that for Friday.

I. Warmup

A. Spend a good 10 minutes mashing glutes / biceps / any other problem area lingering from 16.1
B. Spend 10 minutes warming up the posterior chain followed by quad and hip stretches - Talk to Eric and Chip about specific drills to do
C. 3 Rounds - 15 AB Cals, 10 Jumping Goodmornings, 60 Seconds DUs

II. Strength / Accumulation

Every 90 Seconds For 12 (8 sets)
5 Ring Dips
3 Deadlifts (building)

Rest 6 Minutes

Every 45 Seconds For 6:00(8 sets)
5 Deadlifts 165/115#
7 Box Jumps

III. Conditioning

4 Minutes on, 3 Minutes off, until completion

60 Cal Row
50 T2B
40 Wallball
30 Power Cleans 135/95
20 Muscle Ups

- Try to get as far as possible in 4 minutes, rest 3, then continue for another 4. Repeat this until you complete the workout.