Feel the Pain and Prevail

I am pretty mental. I have had several clients ask me what I will need to do to feel successful in 16.1 and I have not been able to answer, because I cannot quantify success in an open workout. There is no truly accurate way of comparing yourself to another athlete, because we all have such vastly different strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities. So, even if I "win " against a teammate I might be selling myself short by choosing that individual as my litmus test, and I may be overreaching by comparing myself to another even though I did my absolute best and "lost".

Because I'm so mental, I had to adjust my mindset to set some realistic expectations for this workout. I tried to envision success, accomplishment, and a feeling of victory after the workout and I couldn't think of anything that would lead to feeling content. I then switched my mindset to what would make me feel like I failed. This list was much easier to create.. 

  1. Having anything left at the end
  2. Resting more than 5s
  3. Not picking the bar up asap
  4. Not going 100% or giving into inevitable pain.


Reversing this list enabled me to align myself for success at the end of this workout. It help me realize that it had nothing to do with a certain number of rounds, it had nothing to do with who I best or lost to. It had everything to do with the man in the mirror. It had everything to do with toughness. It had to do with reaching beast mode. 

What do YOU need to do to feel victorious at the end of this work out?  What does "getting your mind right" look like to you? Think back to the best workout you have ever had. what was it that helped you stay mentally tough? Was it laughing, crying, grunting, wheezing? Go to that place today. Go there for your teammates. Do not hold anything back. When the pain presents itself, we will prevail together, as Team Deep. 

Chip PhillipsComment