Deep Comp-11/25/16

I. Strength  

 A. Overheard Squat- Work to a 9rm

  1. 12 minute running clock, from floor. 
  2. Perform one drop set at 90% AFTER the 12 minute window. 
  3. The next 5 weeks progress as follows: 

9 (floor)

7 (floor)

5 (floor)

3 (rack/blocks, shoulder height)

1 (high blocks, arms extended overhead)


II. Midline  

B1. GHD Raises- 3x8 (21x1) (rest 30s)

B2.  Hollow Position Hold + Rocks- 3x30s+15s (rest 90s)


III. Conditioning  

5 Rounds for total time: 

20' HS Walk

30 Double Unders

40 Jump Lunges (20 e/s) 

30 Double Unders  

20' HS Walk

Rest 2:00

  1. Jump lunges are stationary (not traveling) body weight lunges. Instead of stepping forward or backward, you touch your knee to the floor, then jump by fully extending your hips and fully straightening both legs. Switch your lead leg while airborne. 
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