Deep Comp- 10/11/16

I. Weightlifting  

EMOM 15: Snatch

0-4: Snatch DL with 3s pause at hip + Hip Snatch @60%

5-9: Hip + Above Knee Hang @65%

10-14: Halting Snatch (3s pause 1" above floor) @70%

  1. During the pause at the hip, use your lats and triceps to keep the bar close to your body and keep your shoulders in front of the bar.  
  2. During the halting snatch, pause 1 inch off the ground, keep your back angle the same and focus on using your erectors to stabilize your spine. 


II. Conditioning    


50/40 Calorie Row


30 Overhead Squats 95/65

20 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20

10 Muscleups  

  1. Both hands much touch the ground on GHDSU. Be sure to fully open hips on ohs and bbj
  2. Hit this at 75-80% effort.  Stay comfortable and don't treat it like an open workout. The goal here is to get out of breath, hit a variety of movements, but still fully recover thoughtout the week. 
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