Deep Comp- 1/22/17

  We have a great morning planned tomorrow! See you at 7 AM. No, there will not be swimming. 

I. Goat Warm-Up

3 Rounds

11 Cal A/B

8 Ring Row  (11x2)

5 Chin-ups (11x2)

3 Max Distance Broad Jumps


II. Strength

A. Low-Box Back Squat Squats- 5 x 3 Building

  1. Set up the box so that your butt kisses the box 2-3 Inches BELOW 90 degrees. This is a powerlifting squat, so you should overload the posterior chain and sit back into the squat, (as opposed to descending vertically during during a weightlifting squat)

B. Pausing Front Squat (with bounce)- 4 x 2 @75-80% (22x1)


III. Conditioning

5 Rounds

400m Run @80%

3-5 Unbroken Muscle Ups

5 TnG Hip Power Clean 165/115#

Rest 3 Min

  1. Bounce the hpc off the hip, pick a weight where this is doable for you.  

V. Optional Conditioning

Every 3 minutes 48 Minutes (16 sets):

250/200m Row


  1. Use a larger deficit than last week.  
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