Deep Comp- 1/21/16

 Active Recovery Day

A. 4 rounds

Sled March- 2.5 minutes out (return ~30s faster) 70/45#

10 DB FR squats 25/20# 

1-2 Rope Climbs

60s Bretzel 1 or 2 (each side)

  1. Attach the straps of a sled to the the back of a weight belt and walk at comfortable speed. Your stride should simulate a running stride.  Knees high, stay upright,  and do not excessively lean forward. If these weights are too difficult or easy, feel free to modify them.
  2. Alternate between Bretzel 1 and 2 each round. 1 hits the anterior chain and 2 hits the posterior chain. If these are new to you, google it or ask a teammate.
  3. For the rope climbs, focus on perfect binds, smooth descents, and getting the most out of each pull.  

B. Yoga or Romwod

We recommend attending the 6:30 "Deep Stretch" class at the gym. If you cannot make it, perform Romwod.

C. Barbell

Hang Muscle Snatch + Snatch pull under- 3 sets of the following complex: 2x1+1

Jerk balance- 3x5

  1. Perform both movements with an empty barbell

D. Foam Roll, Cryo, normatech, epsom salt baths, etc.

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