Deep Comp- 1/14/16

Active Recovery Day

A. 20 Minute Sled March/Walk ~90/70#

Attach the straps of a sled to the the back of a weight belt and walk at comfortable speed. Your stride should simulate a running stride.  Knees high, stay upright,  and do not excessively lean forward. If these weights are too difficult or easy, feel free to modify them.

B. Yoga or Romwod

We recommend attending the 6:30 "Deep Stretch" class at the gym. If you cannot make it, perform Romwod.

C. Barbell

3 Rounds (empty bb)

5 Snatch Balances

5 Snatch Pullunders

5 Hang Muscle Clean

5 Clean Pullunder to Thruster


D. Foam Roll, Cryo, normatech, epsom salt baths, etc.

I am currently working with Laurie to figure out ways to help you recover optimally and affordablyGoing to try and help you get a deal on the right products. More to come soon. 

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