Deep Comp - 09/15/15

We know some of these days are going to be longer than normal. Due to our focus on aerobic capacity 2-3 days a week will have longer mono structural work (like yesterdays row). Our priority is the engine work, so if you need to cut certain parts of the workout due to time constraints, please feel free to reduce the olympic work. Always try to get in the conditioning and pull up cycle work. This cycle isn't as long as the last one, so stick with it, we know it can be somewhat boring to row and air dyne so much. You will be happy when you see the results during The Open.

I. Warm-Up

25 Burpees
Twisted Cross x 2 Minutes e/s
Lax Ball Shoulder mash 60s e/s

II. Strength

A. E3MOM 9 (3 sets): Press
1 x 3 @80%
1 x 3 @85%
1 x 3+ @90%

  1. Last set is for max reps

B1. OHS - 6 x 2 - Rest 0
B2. SHSPU - 6 x 6 -Rest 2-3 Minutes

  1. B1 should be heavier than last week

III. Conditioning

8 Overhead Squats 95/65#
8 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Double Unders