Deep Comp - 08/10/15

Program Information for Week 8

This week we will be de-loading everything except deadlift and our ring dip progression. This means less volume and lower intensity on squats and olympic lifts. The skillrobic and conditioning pieces will be light on leg work, and focus more on running, rowing, and upper body muscular endurance.

Because of this, most workouts this week should take closer to an hour to complete. Use this as an opportunity to spend more time on cooling down by rolling out and stretching. We also highly recommend getting a massage, doing some yoga (Thursday 7:00am), and getting in some Cryo or Normatech if you have the time. Next week is going to be spicy!

I. Warm-Up

30 DB OH Walking Lunges 
Couch Stretch 60s e/s
3 Legless / 6 Rope Climbs

II. Strength

Back Squat - 73% x 5 x 3 - This should be light, no accessories

Snatch - 70% x 3 x 3 - Same as above

III. Skillrobic

E3MOM 18
4 Weighted Ring Dips +5-10#
5 DB Box Jump, Step Down 24/20"
6 DB OHS e/s

*The limiting factor for DB movements will be the overhead squats. Choose a DB weight that will allow for perfectly executed reps on each side (one side at a time). 

IV. Conditioning

50 Burpees (to target 6")
50 Pull Ups