Deep Comp - 07/23/15

Rest Day Protocol

Don't forget!! We offer yoga every Thursday morning at 7am. If you aren't taking advantage of this then you are really missing out on an awesome class and a great way to feel a ton better. Not only will this help you recover, but it will help improve your performance going forward by improving range of motion and developing better balance and stability.

Active Recovery

Spend 20-40 minutes doing one of the following at very low intensity:

  1. YOGA!!
  2. Row (18-20 stroke rate, work on stroke efficiency and mechanics)
  3. Assault Bike (very low rpm, sit and chat with people in classes)
  4. Cycling (if you have a bike, go ride it around)
  5. Swim (soak up some vitamin D at a pool and relax)

Mobility / Corrective Movements

Spend 15-30 minutes going through various mobility drills that address your main problem areas. Talk to a coach for ideas and recommendations. If you have imbalances, spend some time going through light movements that are corrective in nature. 


  1. Single Leg RDLs / Hip Extensions
  2. Scapula Training with Crossover Symmetry Drills
  3. Anti-Rotational Core Work
  4. Bell-Up KB Presses
  5. Rolling Drills

Passive Recovery

These are recovery methods that don't require you to do any activity. This could be getting a massage, doing Cryo, soaking in epsom salt, taking a contrast shower, etc.


Your body needs the right building blocks to recovery damaged tissue, replenish depleted glycogen stores, and reduce CNS fatigue. Off days are perfect for meal prep and planning out your fueling for your next workouts.