Deep Comp - 07/04/2015


 *Open gym 11-1pm

I. Warm-Up

30 Calorie Assault Bike
40' Low Hip Bear Crawl
40' Backwards Bear Crawl
15 SLRDL e/s (empty barbell)

  1. Move slowly and deliberately on bear crawls. Focus on working through tight ranges of motion. 

II. Strength

2 Thrusters + 1 Jerk

60% x 2+1, 65% x  2+1, 70% x  2+1, 75% x  2+1 x 2, 75% x max reps + 1

  1. Complete two thrusters. Bring the bar back to shoulder and do a split jerk. Percentage is off of best Push Press.
  2. For the last set, do max reps followed by a jerk. Try to beat last week's score. 

III. Conditioning

(teams of two)
5 x 200m Sled Push (135/95#)
(rest 4 Minutes)

  1. Partner who is not working will perform farmer carries 100/70#. Switch partners at any point. Add weight each set. Note weights and times for each set.