Deep Comp - 07/17/15

We have been spending a lot of time looking for ways to make better use of the workout results you post. We have found a really great application called TrainHeroic. This is going to really improve our ability to track results and offer an even better program. The application is built for both coaches and athletes which makes it perfect for us. As you enter scores for each workout, we have a dashboard that displays data in very meaningful ways. On your end, you will have better ways to see your progress. We are excited to see what you all think. Here is what we want you to do: 

  1. Click this link and sign up for our team
  2. Start entering your workout results

Although it is not required, we would love for you to go back and enter results for previous days this week and last week. The more we can start tracking the better. As with any new implementation, there will be some bumps in the road. Please feel free to comment here if you have any issues with the app on your phone or computer. 

I. Warm Up

400m Run
10 Face Pulls on Rings
10 Single Leg / Arm KB RDL 53/35#
60 Sec Band Tricep Stretch

II. Strength

Deadlift - 80% x 5 x 5 - #20X2 Tempo 

Clean - 80% x 3 x 5 - Perfom dip-drive on last set

III. Conditioning

8 Rounds
500m Row
5 Strict C2B
5 Strict Press @ 65%

  1. This is an aerobic test. When recording your time, also provide 500m row splits and general feedback regarding how you felt.
  2. C2B may be difficult, if this is the case, simply try and pull as high as possible each time