Deep Comp - 07/14/15

I. Warm-Up

4 x UB Double Under Attempts (50 max)
60 sec Pec and Deltoid Mash
30 sec Bretzel e/s (video)

  1. For the pec and deltoid mash, lay down and place a lax ball between your chest and a heavy KB. Use the weight of the KB to press and massage the lax ball into the tissue.

II. Strength

Push Press - 80% x 5 x 5 
(Rest 2-3 Minutes)

Power Clean - 80% x 1.1.1 x 5 
(Rest 2-3 Minutes)

  1. Rest 10 seconds between each rep

III. Skillrobic

5 Unbroken Strict HSPU
5 Sumo-Deadlift High-Pull 115/75#

  1. Stop once you are unable to complete unbroken reps within the minute
  2. If you are unable to do 5 unbroken reps, scale to an amount that you can complete at least 6 sets. 
  3. If you make it to the last minute (14:01 on clock) do one max effort set of strict handstand push-ups and then max effort sumo dead lift high pulls for the rest of the minute

IV. Conditioning

9-6-3 Rope Climbs
15-12-9 Russian Kettlebell Swings 96/70#

  1. Alternate sets of rope climbs and kb swings, 9-15, 6-12, 3-9