Deep Comp - 06/25/15


7:30PM Cold Beer Co!! Try and be there if you are able so we can discuss the program and what is in store.

This is the 4th day in a row so we wanted to touch on a few things. First off, we won't have a conditioning piece today. Second, spend extra time on recovery after the workout. Stay and spend more time rolling out post workout, maybe even go and get Cryo. Today looks different than what you can expect on weeks where we have a normal schedule.

I. Warm-Up

400m Run
10 Face Pulls on Rings (video)
10 Single Leg / Arm KB RDL 53/35#
5 Skin The Cats

IIa. Barbell Strength

Deadlift - 70% x 5 x 5 - #20X2 Tempo 

  1. No bounce, stay tight and lightly touch the ground. 
  2. Do not use belts for the first part of this cycle while percentages are low.

Clean - 70% x 3 x 5 

  1. Dip for the Jerk and hold for 2 seconds on each rep
  2. Focus on strong and shallow dip position

IIb. Gymnastic Strength

Every 3 for 15 minutes (5 Sets):
8 Strict Chinups
8 Strict Ring Dips

III. Skillrobic

3 Rounds
20 Calorie Assault Bike (75% effort)
40' HS Walk (2 beams)
Rest 2 Minutes

  1. There is a 90 second cap on HS walk
  2. 20s HS Hold for every broken set. Performed after completing Skillrobic.