Deep Comp- 12/7/15

"Without trust we truly do not collaborate; we merely coordinate or, at best, cooperate. It is trust that transforms a group of people into a team"

-Stephen M. R. Covey

Alright guys, We have three more weeks until this cycle concludes before Christmas. The time to get better is now. Stay focused, stay progress-oriented, and continue to push not only yourself, but those around you. It's exciting to hear such good progress reports from so many you not only pertaining to the gains, but new lifestyle commitments. Special things happen when you make special sacrifices. I have had discussions with many of you on new sacrifices you plan to make to get better. I love it. Continue to spread the forward-thinking and best practices with your teammates so that we can continue getting better together, and don't be afraid to hold each other accountable. Tough love is real love.

We should all take some ownership and ask ourselves; Do I need to trainer harder? Sleep longer? Drink less? Eat more/less? Eat cleaner? Don't forget the big picture, which is that it takes more then a good sweat and a protein shake to get better when you're already performing at a very high level. Expect more from yourself this December so that you can roll into 2016 with momentum, feeling capable, confident, and more in control than ever before.

Here's what's on deck... You can expect a fresh three week wave of back squats that is a continuation of the 5/1, 3/1 waves we've been benefitting from, the ATP Training is shifting to clean and jerks and c2b pullups (rather than snatch and muscleup), and we will be adding an additional monostructural aerobic workout each week. Finally, the following movements will build in percentages and decrease in overall rep volume for the following 3 weeks: snatch, clean and jerk cycling, deadlifts and speed deadlifts and top-down weightlifting pulls, and power/squat complexes on Saturdays. There will continue to be carefully calculated combinations of lactic, alactic, aerobic, and cp battery conditioning workouts. 


1. ACO is this weekend. Please come cheer on your teammates. 

2. Team shirts are up for order on Slack. 

3. World War Fit discount promos are on the Slack app and you're expected to compete if you're not competing in ACO and or Fittest Games.


I. Warmup

800m run

2 Rounds
10 Strict Narrow Grip Pullups
10 Strict Stationary Dips

II. Strength

If you have not missed any reps this cycle, add 10 pounds to your max moving forward. If you have missed one to two reps, add 5 pounds. If you have missed more then two reps, stick with your true max for the remainder of the cycle. 

A. Back Squat- Rest 2-3 minutes 

2 sets: 4 x 70-72.5% (42x1 tempo)

3 sets: 3 x 75% (31x1 tempo)

1 set: 2 x 80% (no tempo)


B. Clean and Jerk- 6 x 2 TnG at 85% (of last week's 3rm)

  1. Rest as needed.
  2. Focus on refining lagging parts of your technique while the percentages are still relatively low. This includes things like first pulls, triple extension, fast turnover, squatting depth position, speed out of the hole, jerk dip, jerk drive, and proper footwork and jerk recovery.
  3. Since these sets are TnG be sure to become comfortable quickly cycling the bar from overhead into the next rep.


III. Conditioning (CP battery)

C. Every 2 Minutes for 6 Minutes (3 sets): 

15s ME Power Clean and Jerk (80% of last week's 3rm squat clean and jerk)

.. At minute 8:00 Begin:

Every 2 Minutes for 6 Minutes (3 sets)

15s ME Chest to Bar Pullups

  1. List total power clean and jerks and chest to bar separately. You may finish any c&j rep that you started before time ends and you may jump on the pullup bar 1s early and begin when the time starts. Discalimer: this is training specific, it obviously won't work this way in competition.

IV. Conditioning (lactic)

10 Rounds

10/8 Cal Row

5 T2B

  1. You're done with the rows when the rower reads 100/80 cals. You do not need to reset the rower each round.

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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