Deep Comp- 11/9/15

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

-African Proverb

    Welcome to week four of a ten week cycle. This week you will see a taper for back squat, while the volume and intensity stay relatively high for everything else. Monday's are a higher volume day, so please choose your own warmup with the time you have.

    Throughout the week, please listen to your body and take no shame in skipping segments if they seem injurious based on your ability to recover. However, if you decide to do something, be sure to give it 100% of your effort.

    Effort is often demonstrated through focus, attention to detail, and discipline.  It doesn't necessarily mean physical "hustle". Your focus should always be the following, in this order:

  1. Mechanics- mastering the fundamentals of safe, efficient movement.
  2. Consistency- demonstrating mechanically sound movement repeatedly over time.
  3. Intensity- going as hard, heavy, and fast as possible.

    Whether it be your warmup, strength work, or conditioning, ask yourself whether your focus and effort should be on mechanics, consistency, or intensity. The answer will be different for everyone based on their experience level. Take some ownership and personal responsibility for your training and ask for help when you need a coach to point you in the right direction. Do NOT lose perspective and get stuck just going through the motions. But rather, maintain discipline and pursue excellence in all aspects of training. I have included some notes today for you today to understand how to apply these topics to today's workout.

    It feels like a great week to get better!

I. Warm-Up (mechanics)
DIY in 5-10 Minutes

II. Strength (mechanics and consistency)

A. Back Squat - Every 2 Minutes
0 - 70% x 3
2 - 80% x 1
4 - 70% x 3
6 - 80% x 1
8 - 70% x 3
10 - 80% x 1

  1. This is a taper week for BS. Squatting raw and executing fast reps should not be a problem.

III. Barbell (mechanics and consistency)

B. Power Snatch - 6 x 2 TnG (rest 60-90s)

  1. @85% (of last Monday's max triple)
  2. Focus on footwork, maximum bar height, and speed under the bar with a crisp lockout

IV. Conditioning (CP battery, mechanics, consistency, and intensity)
C. 7 Rounds for time: 2 Power Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch + 3/2 Muscle Ups (rest 2 minutes)

  1. Snatch weight is the same as last monday's interval work  (80% of your max power snatch triple).
  2. This is a progression of volume for both movements while simultaneously removing the two minutes of rest between PS and MU last week. 
  3. We made the last snatch a squat snatch to help athletes distinguish between the two movements while fatigued and develop the ability to pull below 90 degrees when necessary.

IV. Engine (anaerobic lactate, intensity)

12/10 Assault Calories
10 Burpees

  1. Do not strategize, pace, or attempt to minimize the burn. Go 100% right out of the gate. This is not necessarily for reps. It is for intensity, maximum heart rate, and increasing pain/lactate threshold. 
  2. Count calories from where the A/B left off each round. Do not reset.  

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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