Deep Comp- 11/26/15

Active Recovery

    Becoming a seasoned athlete involves knowing when to punch the gas pedal and when the pump the breaks. How are YOU feeling today? How will you best set yourself up for success and longevity? Choose one of the following options below to help "sharpen the axe".

A. Aerobic / warmup

  1. 200 Calorie A/B at 65-70% intensity
  2. 5 minute assault bike warmup
  3. Makeup a previous workout from this week (if you have another recovery day planned).

B. Recovery

Spend as much time as possible on the following:

  1. Foam rolling 
  2. Lax ball mashing 
  3. Vodoo flossing 
  4. Romwod 

    Other viable options out of the gym include cryotherapy, Epsom salt baths, and normatech. Sunday is for rest, today is for active recovery. You should take this just as seriously as any other workout of the week, because it could be the difference between stagnancy and progress, and between health and injury.

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

Chip PhillipsComment