Deep Comp- 11/30/15

I. Warmup

800m Run

2 Rounds (not for time)

10 Strict Narrow Pullups 

10 Stationary dips

  1. Stationary, meaning on jerk blocks or Ghd handles. 

II. Strength

A. Back Squat- every two minutes

79% x 3

89% x 1

81 % x 3

91% x 1

83% x 3

93% x 1

B. Find TnG Clean and Jerk 3rm

  1. There may be split jerks and/or push jerks. You may pause at the hip on the descent. The only thing you cannot do is set the bar down let go of the barbell until all 3 clean and jerks are completed.

C. 3 x ME C2B Pullups (rest 3 minutes)

  1. These may be kipping, butterfly or any combination. The set is terminated once you let go of the bar. Do not game this. It's not for "total reps". Go 100% each time.

III. Conditioning

10 Rounds

100m Run

4 Burpees

  1. This is another suicide mission. Strive for an immediate heart rate spike and make round 1 hurt as badly as possible.

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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