Deep Comp- 12/1/15

I. Warmup 

100 Double Unders  

2 Rounds  

10 Wide Grip Pullups

10 Strict Weighted Ring Dips

II. Strength  

A. Snatch- 6x2 @80% 

  1. After the first rep, drop from the top, take a breath or two, and re-grip and complete the set. Anything longer than 5-10s is not a double. Use clips. 

III. Gymnastics 

B. 3 x 50' UB Handstand walk or 70s HS hold

B2. 3 x 3-4 Muscle-up transitions (slow dip transitions)

  1. Use a box to jump to the locked out position of a muscleup.  
  2. On a 4 count, descend to the bottom of a dip.
  3. Slowly see how far you can move your elbows into shoulder flexion without descending below the rings. Do this 3-4 times, then press out the dip. 
  4. Complete the movement by descending to the starting position of a muscleup as slowly as possible. 

IV. Conditioning 

5 Rounds  

15 Thrusters 95/65#

15 T2B

Rest 60s

  1. Penalty- 5 burpees for broken sets.
  2. 2 minute cap per round. If you are capped, rest 60s and start the next round fresh.  

Time to protect our home turf! World War Fit is January 23rd down the street at the Bomb Factory! If you're on the comp team and are not doing Fittest Games that following weekend, we want each and every one of you to sign up so we can represent Team Deep well.


Please check out their website and respond to the slack thread with any questions! Again, if you're on the comp team, this is the perfect time to compete and test your fitness with other athletes before the opens sneak up on us.

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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