Deep Comp- 11/24/15

I. Warmup

50.50.50 Double Unders  

2 Rounds  

10 Wide grip strict Pullups  

10 strict Ring dips  

  1. When you see a period between two numbers, (i.e. 50.50.50 double unders) this indicates a "cluster". For clusters, you rest 5-15 seconds between the subsets. 
  2. For the next four weeks, the pulling and dipping work is never for time.

II. Strength  

A. Clean and Jerk

1 x 75% 

1 x 80% 

1 x 85%  

1 x 90% 

2 x 90-100%+ 

  1. 2 sets of 1 at 90-100% 
  2. The goal is to hit 2 crisp reps at or above 90%. This is not a max day unless you're having an incredible day.  No misses. 

III. Conditioning  

For time:

Buy in: 400m Run

4 A/B cals

4 C2B

8 A/B cals 

8 C2B

12 A/B cals

12 C2B

16 A/B cals  

16 C2B

20 A/B cals  

20 C2B

Rest exactly 2 minutes, then during the next 3 minutes:

Find max Cluster

  1. A barbell cluster is a squat clean to thruster. MUST be a one fluid movement today. No power cleans and no push presses. 
  2. These are two separately scored events.  
  3. Every time you hop back on the bike, count the calories from the number on the monitor. 

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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