Deep Comp- 11/23/15

"Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most."


    This week we will peak on several movements (clean and jerk, halting deadlifts, and snatch complexes) before changing things up for the final four weeks of this cycle.

    It is also the beginning of daily upper body gymnastic exercises in our routine warmup. This will be a significant and sudden increase in weekly pullup/dip volume. If your elbows and shoulders start to hurt, do less. And do more MCT (myfascial compression techniques) to combat the upper body inflammation and irritation that coincides strength gains. 

I. Warmup

800m Run

2 Rounds (not for time)

10 Strict Narrow Pullups  

10 Stationary dips

  1. Stationary, meaning on jerk blocks or Ghd handles.  

II. Strength

Back Squat  - every two minutes

77% x 3

87% x 1

79% x 3

89% x 1

81% x 3

91% x 1

  1. Demand more from your body, don't use gear unless you need it.  

III. Conditioning A



Muscle ups  

Squat Snatch 135/95# 

  1. This concludes our snatch/muscleup microcycle. Time to put those gains to use as we switch our CP battery training to clean and jerk / c2b next week.
  2. The goal should be perfect execution now that you know your threshold for both movements. Develop a plan and don't be afraid to take a chance toward the end.

IV. Conditioning B

Rest as needed, then complete:

60 Wallball 20/14# 

30/24 Cal Row

  1. This is a suicide mission. Go unbroken on the wallballs and try to break the machine during the row.  

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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