Deep Comp - 10/19/15

Final 2015 Cycle Overview

We are moving into our final cycle of 2015! We wanted to give you guys a bit of information on what you can expect. As we said in the very beginning, our programming would become more and more specific to the opens the closer we got. We started off primarily focused on strength gains and muscular endurance, then aerobic capacity, pulling strength, and olympic skill work. Now that we are getting closer, our energy system work will become more specific to our needs in the opens and hopefully regionals. We are also going to use this as our last opportunity to build a bit more leg strength to carry us the rest of the way.

Expect to see more frequent "CrossFit Workouts" as well as accessory work for building more leg and squat strength.

We are also going to set a time for a team meeting this week. Please let us know in the comments if one of the following days works best for you: Wed / Thr / Fri Evening.

I. Warm Up

Box Piriformis Stretch 
5 - Way Banded Shoulder Stretch
500m Row
15 Squat Jump Box Jump 

  1. Perform a squat, on the way up jump onto the box but land in a full squat, stand up and then step down. Repeat.

II. Strength

A. Back Squat - Every 2 Minutes

0 - 70% x 5

2 - 80% x 1

4 - 72% x 5

6 - 82% x 1

8 - 74% x 5

10 - 84% x 1

Use as little gear as possible and focus on speed. 

III. Barbell

B. In 10 Minutes

Build to a heavy 3 position snatch (floor, below knee hang, hang)

Be patient from each position, make sure the barbell is close to the hips before initiating the jump. 

This is not a chance to max out, stay below 90%

IV. Conditioning

100-200-300m Run
10-20-30 Pullups

Rest 5

Box Jumps 24/20"