Kelly Horn

Stepping into my first CrossFit gym in 2011, I was fully confident I could handle the workouts as a high school soccer player, an avid half marathoner, and self proclaimed "health nut". After only one class, my ego was quickly handed back to me.

CrossFit provided an sports experience that I had never encountered before. CrossFit built much more than just a foundation of strength for me physically, but also a fortitude of mental strength as a confident woman. After joining CrossFit, I quickly committed myself to the Paleo diet. Upon further research and self-experimentation with food, I uncovered a talent for understanding the science of proper nutrition for different lifestyles and created my own nutrition advisory company. My mentality had changed so drastically within my first year of CrossFit that I left my career with Moet Hennessy to pursue Sports Medicine and follow my desire for continued education within the realm wellness and athletic performance. In addition to coaching I also work for The National Pro Grid League as Director of Team Relations.

I have a special place in my heart for working with beginner CrossFitters. Having the opportunity to guide individuals along their own fitness journey has by far been my most gratifying milestone within Crossfit.