New Olympic Lifting Class

Starting next week, we will begin holding Olympic Lifting focused classes 2 days a week. They will be coached by Eric and Spencer. When Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm Friday afternoons at 4:30 pm

Class info The Olympic classes will include only the Olympic Lifts and various assistance movements and variations of the full lifts (hang, power, pulls, etc). This does not mean you will not get stronger on this program, heavy snatches, clean and jerks, and variations will definitely make you stronger. We want to be able to dedicate a full hour to improving your technique on the lifts.

How it works The classes will count against your current membership, which means you can choose how to spend your classes during the week. There is only 1 catch.

The catch If you want to attend the Olympic Lifting classes we require everyone to commit to attending at least 1 class, preferably both each week for a minimum duration of 4 weeks. This is for a couple reasons. First, it ensures that the athlete is exposed to the progression of skills, and continuing advancement of movement and work load according to the program. Second, it is all around better for the athlete for retaining skill specific improvements and strength improvements. So for instance, a member with a 4x a week membership could do 2 CrossFit and 2 Olympic classes.

Other important info The classes will be capped at 10 to ensure proper individual help during the class so be sure to sign up quickly if you are interested.

There are two ways to join after the classes have begun:

1. Wait for a cycle to end (we will announce and let you know) 2. Schedule private classes with Spencer or Eric to get caught up and then enter the classes when ready

Is this really the thing for me? That depends on what your goals are. Have you ever felt that strength is your primary issue when dealing with a workout? Have you ever felt that your technique really holds you back from adding more weight and moving faster? If you answered yes to either or both, then this class is perfect for you. Training the Olympic lifts will not only make you stronger, but it will improve your coordination and body control. It will also allow you to feel more comfortable moving weights in a fast-paced CrossFit WOD.

Have other questions? We have set up a forum in our Olympic Weightlifting group for just that reason. Head on over by clicking the link below and ask away.

New Olympic Lifting Classes!!

Because we are limiting the class to 10 people at first let us know you are interested by emailing one of the coaches. Also, it should go without saying that dedication is key. If you can't commit to completing a full cycle and attend regularly, please let someone else take advantage of the class for now.

Please email Eric or Spencer to register.

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