CrossFit Deep Coach Spotlight: Brittney Rice

You may have noticed a new face in the gym the past couple of weeks coaching the Wednesday afternoon and Friday evening classes. Brittney is the newest member of the CrossFit Deep coaching staff - with her coaching experience and athletic prowess she's a great addition to round out the CF Deep team! 

Get to know Brittney Rice: 

"With an athletic director and coach as a father, I've been playing sports since I could walk-maybe even before that. Since I can remember I've loved anything and everything active. That carried on through high school and college where I played every intramural sport possible as well as personal trained on the side. When I moved to Dallas after graduation, my job allowed me to try all different avenues of fitness including spin, yoga, boxing, butiyoga(yes that's a thing) and of course, crossfit. I loved that I not only got a great workout, but it allowed me to feel like an athlete in competition again-something I didn't realize I missed so much. I've been hooked ever since-so much so I became a coach in 2015. I love pushing athletes outside of their comfort zone and helping them realize their true potential! Crossfit Deep allows me the opportunity to pursue that daily."

Next time you see Brittney be sure to welcome her into the Deep community! 

Mary Mackenzie LearComment