Epic Travel WODs

Holiday Travel WODs: Named after the 20 Greek Gods, the majority of these require no equipment. Some of these options are designed for a "globo gym". Pick, choose, and adapt at your own discretion. Please leave your scores and times in the comments section!


10, 9, 8 etc. to 1 HSPU 

20, 18, 16 etc. to 2 Situps



20 rounds 

5 Plyo Push-ups 

10 Jumping Squats 



5 rounds 

16 Burpees 

16 Jump Lunges



100/70 push-ups (1111 tempo)

Pentalty- 10 V-Ups for broken sets or broken tempo



Alternating Tabata (8 rounds, rest two minutes, repeat for another 4 minutes)


Narrow grip push-ups 



400m run at 85-90% 

Rest 2 minutes 

*Repeat until times deviate by 5s or more 



10 rounds 

10 Db Thrusters 50/30#

30 DU



DB Deadlift - Accumulate 10,000 pounds 

(divide 10,000 by the heaviest dumbell weight X 2 and do that many reps. So, if the gym has 100# Dbs you'd do 50 reps)

Then immediately run 1 mile



4 rounds 

18 Iron Crosses (e/s)

18 Supermans (1s pause at top)



Treadmill Intervals- 20 minutes 

60s 90%

60s 60%



20 Rounds 

5 Pullups (strict until you must kip)

10 Push-ups 

15 Air squats 



3 rounds 

20s hollow / arch rolls 

30s hollow hold 

40s superman hold 

50s HS hold 

60s rest




Single leg burpees 

Turning push-ups 

*alternating left to right every 5 reps, for both movements 








1 mile run

2 minute plank 

.8 mile run 

1:30 plank 

.6 mile run

1:00 plank 

.4 mile run 

:30 plank 

.2 mile run 




5 push-ups 

5 squats 

5 situps 



Death by Goblet Squats: (alternating minutes, i.e. 1 goblet squat on first minute, 2 db swings second minute, 3 goblet squats third minute, until failure)

Goblet squat 55/35#

Db swing 55/35#




3-3, 6-6, etc.

Man makers (pushup, L arm row, R arm row = 1)

Russian twists (L and R = 1)

*Choose your own weight




5 minutes wall sit 

5 minute Pushup position plank 




Calorie row 

(Rest 3)


Calorie row 

(Rest 3)


Calorie row 

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