Holiday 17 - Tip 10 - Travel Workouts

TIP 10 - Travel workouts

Christmas is next week, so most of us will be traveling out of town and/or will not be able to access a gym to workout. While I think it's important to take some time away from the gym and spend it with friends and family, I also believe getting a workout in most days is beneficial both mentally and physically. If you feel like you are getting "too much family time", go for a walk/run or try one of the workouts below. You could also get your family members to join in and perhaps spark some healthier lifestyles :) Either way, have fun with these and sneak one in pre-holiday feast!

These workouts can be completed anywhere without any equipment. Bring a jump rope if you have one!

Every 2:00 for 6 sets complete:
15-25 Burpees AFAP

Run 10 minutes
Amrap 5 minutes:
15 push ups
15 air squats
Run 10 minutes

15 Rounds for time:
10 Air Squats
10 Push-ups
10 Sit-ups


"Death By Burpees" 
Complete 1 burpee the first minute, 2 the second, and so on until you cannot complete the number of burpees in that minute.

Run 5k

Need some more ideas?

Holiday 17 - Tip 9 - Practice Saying No

TIP 9 - Practice saying no.

In order to summon the will power to say no in the most tempting situations (whether it be excessive dietary indulgences, skipping workouts, or other lifestyle “slip-ups”) it’s important to start practicing on easier issues.

Will power is like a muscle, so the more you “flex” that muscle by saying no, the more prepared you’ll be to turn down that extra serving of grandmas baked goods when everyone else is going back for seconds and thirds.

During this holiday season remember one one thing. You shouldn’t feel bad for saying no to your loved ones, because it means you’re saying yes to yourself, and potentially increasing the health of your friends and family members.

Holiday 17 - Tip 8 - Mindfulness Practices

TIP 8 - Mindfulness Practices - Austin

When was the last time that you just stopped to think/relax/just be?

The society we live in rewards those that are constantly stimulated, whether by social media, tv, music, etc. But our brains and human physiology are suffering because of it. Our brains (therefore the rest of our body as well) are under constant stimulation leaving our body’s in a constant state of stress.

Try out these 3 tips to enhance your cognitive function, relationships, and well being!

Take 10 minutes a day and just BE STILL! No phone, no tv, no music, no distractions, just you and your thoughts. There is a reason why people always have the best ideas in the shower or in their sleep!

No Social Media while eating with others. Don’t get me wrong i love Instagram and facebook too, but don’t let it be a hindrance to your real relationships. You’re probably saying “DUH” in your head, but next time you’re eating with a loved one just take notice to how often it happens.

Be Bored! Up until the last 30-40 years or so boredom was a normal thing, but ever since tv, computers, phones, video games have come out, boredom is no longer around. Turn off your music in your car and just drive in silence. If you’re waiting for your loved one at the mall just sit on a bench and wait. You’ll start to realize that boredom can actually be a productive thing! Think about what your thankful for, what you’re going to buy for Christmas, or anything!…/

Holiday 17 - Tip 7 - Winding Down At Night

Tip 7 - Winding Down At Night - Eric

In much the same way that a morning routine helps prepare you for the day, properly winding down at night helps you prepare for restful sleep.

We all know the importance sleep has on the body. Maximizing the quality of your sleep requires properly winding down at the end of the day. Here are some best practices when it comes to winding down.

Cease all electronics usage at least 90 minutes before bedtime - 
It is important to avoid anything that will stimulate cortisol in the system. Elevated cortisol at night will reduce your ability to get deep sleep.

Dim lights in the house - 
Environmental triggers help signal the brain the you are preparing for sleep.

Read an actual physical book - 
One of the best ways to wind down and avoid an over active worrisome brain is to focus on something else. If you tend to get stuck in a circular thought pattern, reading a book can help you break free from that cycle.

Perform muscle relaxation exercises - 
Deep breathing while alternating between tensing and then relaxing each muscle group throughout the body reduces anxiety.

Holiday 17 - Tip 6 - Cheat Meals

Tip 6 - cheat meals
I believe cheat meals create a good balance between staying on track 90% of the time and being a little more relaxed the other 10%. Psychologically, it can be extremely difficult to try and stay too strict for too long. In my experience, it causes you to fall off the wagon hard and takes longer to get back into. In order to stay motivated and on track, scheduling a cheat meal each week can be beneficial!

Some tips on scheduling a cheat meal:

1. It's a cheat MEAL not a cheat DAY: have a meal planned that you've been craving or love that doesn't fit into your current nutrition goals.

2. Eat your cheat meal after a workout so it has a better chance of not being stored as fat

3. Don't feel guilty about it, unless you go HAM...just kidding, but for real CHEAT MEAL not DAY

Shout if you have any questions - Lindsay

Holiday 17 - Tip 4 - Develop A Morning Routine

Tip 4 - Develop A Morning Routine - Eric

We have all heard by now that the early bird gets the worm, but more importantly than that is what we do with the first hour of our day. Productivity experts have long recommended a repeatable structure that anchors each day.

Developing a morning routine is one of the easiest ways to keep focus on daily tasks and work towards longer term goals. Everyone’s morning routine can look different, but the important elements deal with improving cognitive function, reinforcing positive habits, setting your mood, and reviewing daily tasks.

Here are examples you can try adding to your morning routine:

1. Drink a big glass of water immediately - rehydrate from sleep
2. Personal hygiene routine - brush your teeth, etc
3. Brew a nice cup of coffee - coffee makes every day better
4. Stretch tight muscles - stored tension affects you mentally
5. Listen to your favorite new album - music is a known mood enhancer
5. Shower while singing to said album - try it
6. Make your bed - gives you an immediate sense of accomplishing something
7. Visualize how you want your day to go - visualization is a powerful tool in life
8. Write down daily goals - provides focus
9. Meditate for five minutes - mood enhancer and good for relaxing before a stressful day
10. Do one task pro-actively - start your day on your terms vs getting into a reactive mode

These are all just examples and you can add or substitute many. Try things out and see how they work for you. Perhaps coming to Deep in the morning is part of your routine! Like with any new habit, you have to be consistent for several weeks to make something more permanent. Commit to following the same morning routine for three weeks and see how other parts of your day improve!

Holiday 17 - Tip 3 - Create a chain of success

TIP 3 - Create a chain of success - Chip

Buy a big calendar to stick on the back of a door or fridge, and a green and red marker for checkmarks (days you followed guidelines) and Xs (days you didn’t follow guidelines).

You cannot reach a 30 day goal in one day, but if you start small, then big things can happen. Focus all your energy into earning a green checkmark on the calendar at the end of the day.

Though it’s inherently simple in nature, this exercise is perfect for our likes, comments, followers and positive reinforcement-driven culture. Checking green at the end of the day will create a dump of dopamine, which will help you strive to recreate this process the following day.

One day at a time, you will start to create momentum, and momentum is a powerful thing. As momentum builds, it will be easier to complete your goal each subsequent day.

Looking back at a chain of green checkmarks will remind you of your recent successes, and give you the confidence you need for today’s challenges.

Holiday 17 - Tip 2 - Creating Daily Habits Around Your Goals 


Creating Daily Habits Around Your Goals
by: Austin

Your goals need to become the compass by which you live your day. If you are serious about improving, you need to have your goals written down. Before you make any decision, ask yourself “Is this getting me closer to my goal?” This becomes easier the more you do it, create momentum! Check out these resources for some more helpful info.…/18-tricks-to-make-new-habits-stic……

Daily Tips to Thrive During the Holidays!

To help get you all survive the holidays without falling completely off the wagon :) we are going to post one tip each day until the new year! Our tips will not only be about fitness. We will include tips on mental and physical wellness, how to enhance your life, and staying on track with your goals and aspirations.

We hope you enjoy each tip and look forward to hearing some feedback on how it has helped you! Please email me ( if you have a topic you would like for us to discuss.

Tip #1: Set some goals!

Set at least one short term and one long term goal. These goals can be anything fitness related, health, lifestyle, family, career, etc. Throughout the next few weeks we will help guide you through reaching them and staying on track. Write them down and put it somewhere you can see them each day!

Tips on goal setting:

Short (5 min) TED talk…/bel_pesce_5_ways_to_kill_your_dreams

Programming - Next Level

Programming - Next Level

We are making a big announcement with our programming, but we want you to read the origin of our decision first.

CrossFit Deep has always been known as having some of the "toughest" programming around. What qualifies a program as tough varies for each individual, but I venture it has something to do with one or more of the following:

  1. Daily Exercise Density (how much we do in one hour)
  2. Movement Selection (regularity of high skill movement)
  3. Energy System Selection (breadth of energy systems covered)

For the average or beginning CrossFit athlete, a lot of the above can be pretty daunting. Our members know we scale / alter workouts considerably from person to person. Even with this knowledge, showing up on a muscle up and three position snatch day can be tough. This is the first problem we want to solve.

Click to read more

2017 CrossFit Deep Nutrition Challenge Winners

This past January we held our annual CrossFit Deep Nutrition Challenge. Several CrossFit Deep athletes committed to 6 weeks of proper nutrition working with a Deep coach to dial-in and reach their New Year goals! At the end of 6 weeks 2 winners emerged losing a cumulative total of 20lbs, 18 inches, and gaining a ton of energy!

Get to know this years’ 2017 CrossFit Deep Nutrition winners: 


Trae Roberts

Prior to committing to the Nutrition Challenge, Trae’s diet consisted of drinking 1-4 soft drinks a day and eating fast food about 3-4 times a week. In just 6 weeks of adopting a new lifestyle Trae lost 16 lbs. 

“I think overall I did WAY better than I ever thought I would.  My original goal was to lose about 20 pounds by June, and I managed to drop 16 just in the 6 weeks of the challenge. I think it really showed just how completely awful my diet was before.” 

To keep on top of his nutrition Kati (the other winner, who is also his girlfriend) would hold each other accountable. 

“It helped a lot that since Kati and I live together it was easy for us to keep each other accountable for things. If one of us got weak and wanted to eat 7 Big Macs the other would talk them down.”

After the 6 week challenges Trae not only noticed physical changes, but mental changes as well. 

“I think physically I'm much happier with my appearance. I've still got a ways to go to get to my ideal weight, but I'm much closer to that now that where I was say a year ago. Mentally I think making good progress has made me want to stay more accountable to my health because I don't want to lose any of that progress.”

Trae Roberts 2017 Nutrition Challenge Before + After 

Trae Roberts 2017 Nutrition Challenge Before + After 


Kati Clausen

Prior to starting the Nutrition Challenge both Kati and Trae struggled with their nutrition for years. 

“Honestly our journeys are similar and somewhat intertwined. After dating for 5 years you tend to feel pretty comfortable around each other and we were no exception to that. Both of us have mentally and physically struggled since moving to Dallas a year and a half ago. As we both have advanced in our careers, so did the numbers on the scale. I've tried everything with my diet, from low carb to counting macros to even trying to be a raw vegan, but nothing would stick for longer than a few weeks, then it was back to pizza and cookie dough.”

After 6 weeks of shaking up her eating habits Kati noticed increased energy throughout her day! 

“Since finding CrossFit and starting the nutrition challenge things just began to click. With being a dental hygienist I am not able to fit many breaks in the day to eat, so the main thing I've noticed is my energy level. I wasn't able to make it through the morning without at least a diet coke or two and a rollercoaster of peaks and valleys. Now I can make it through the morning with consistent energy.”

“I wouldn't have been as successful in the challenge if it weren't for Trae. We would go back and forth between who wanted a cheat meal and who wanted to stay loyal. We pushed each other to meal prep and it even became part of our quality time together. We learned each other's weaknesses when it came to food and helped each other fight through them. I definitely wasn't the easiest to deal with the first couple of weeks, but Trae helped me stay the course.”

Post Nutrition Challenge both Kati and Trae have continued to encourage and push each other!  

“I know we (Trae) both really appreciate CrossFit Deep for giving us the opportunity to grow mentally and physically. We have continued to push each other even after the 6 week challenge and plan on continuing the Paleo lifestyle, plus a few donuts on the weekend.”

Congratulations to both Trae and Kati for all their hard work during the 2017 Nutrition Challenge! 

What Now?

The Opens are over! But wait, now what?

First, the entire Deep team wants to congratulate everyone for pushing themselves to their limits and in some cases, competing for the first time. We saw people complete movements for the first time, set PRs on lifts during grueling workouts, and come away with more confidence than ever. We also know from the experience of being in every Open since the beginning, that "Post Open Fatigue" can set in.

For five weeks we've structured every week's program around Friday's Open workout. After each workout, we crossed movements off a list of what we could see next. This means we often placed less emphasis on certain movements after seeing them used already. We make this choice every year to ensure our members can perform to the best of their ability each week. We also know that this somewhat places a pause on training to reach other goals. It is this grind that sometimes leaves people worn out and not sure what to get themselves excited for.

Don't worry, we have lots in store to get you excited and focused on new goals and achievements. This week will serve as a slight deload / taper to allow you to mentally and physically recover. Trust us, the workouts will still be hard, but the accumulated volume and intensity over the entire week will be less. 

Starting the first week of April, we will set our sights on a number of new goals. Programming will be up Sunday night for the entire week. We will release the goals for each six week cycle and our reasoning to help you understand what we are training towards.

Look for more announcements coming soon so if you haven't joined our members only Facebook group, go ahead and hop on that now!

Meek Movement - Hooves For Heroes

Visit For More Info and How to Donate

Join Meek Movement and CrossFit Deep on March 17 from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm to watch Dallas' most elite CrossFit athletes perform the 2017 CrossFit Open Workout 17.4. The event will be benefiting Equest, a local non-profit that offers equine therapy services to children and adults. During this event Meek Movement will be raising funds for Equest's Hooves for Heroes Hippotherapy program for veterans, which provides outpatient physical and occupational therapy to veterans with movement dysfunction and disability.

Equest's mission is to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with diverse needs using horses to bring hope and healing through equine assisted activities and therapies. For 35 years, Equest has provided equine activities and therapies to thousands of children and adults with disabilities. In 2012, Equest began serving veterans and their family members through a variety of equine assisted programming including mental health counseling, physical and occupational therapy, horsemanship clinics, and educational workshops. Equest is strategically located to serve North Texas with two locations: Wylie TX (Rockwall County) and the new opened Equest at the Texas Horse Park located in south Dallas. Equest utilizes over 300 community volunteers each week in order to provide a safe and effective program. In 2015, Equest was named non-profit of the year in Dallas. 
This will be part of our Friday Night Lights, so we would love to see our members donate! Link in our bio😄

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@cryousa @justocoffee@mypowersupply @cfdeep@meekmovement @crossfitbigd@virtuosityshop "There is more power in the open hand than in the clenched fist."
-Herbert Newton Casson

CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Alyssa Greenwood-Francis

This weeks athlete features is relatively new to CrossFit, 5 months to be exact. In her short time CrossFitting Alyssa has impacted the CrossFit Deep community - get to know CrossFit Deep athlete, Alyssa Greenwood-Francis! 

Alyssa started her CrossFit training at CrossFit Deep this past August 2016. Since then she has been consistent with her training and hasn’t let up. 

“I started about 5 months ago, in August 2016. My friend received two passes for the Elements Course and we did it together. I joined as soon as the course finished. CrossFit allows me to compete against myself and only myself. Definitely a different type of mental and physical workout experience!”

"CrossFit Deep is the first and only CrossFit gym where I have been a member. I can’t see myself joining another gym either! CrossFit Deep is the most supportive workout environment I can imagine. The coaches are wildly knowledgeable and encouraging, and there’s nothing like bonding with friends over dying in the same workout."

"CrossFit Deep is the first and only CrossFit gym where I have been a member. I can’t see myself joining another gym either! CrossFit Deep is the most supportive workout environment I can imagine. The coaches are wildly knowledgeable and encouraging, and there’s nothing like bonding with friends over dying in the same workout."

Prior to trying out CrossFit Alyssa never really found anything that “stuck” when it came to her workouts. 

“My mom was a college athlete, so she assumed her daughter would be naturally athletic as well. Growing up, I was in every team sport imaginable, but never stayed on a team very long - mostly because I was not very athletic. I used running as my main form of exercise, and by running I mean I would run between a 0.5 mile to 1 mile and be extremely winded. I also had a gym membership for a period of time. When I did go to the gym, maybe once per week, I would use the weight machines or attend a cardio kickboxing class. I would feel like I was seriously working my body at the time, but my stamina or strength never significantly improved.”

We are glad Alyssa gave CrossFit a try. Since joining CF Deep Alyssa has seen both mental and physical results! 

“I remember Eric in our Elements Course saying something along the lines of, “Once you do CrossFit, everything else in life seems a lot easier.” He was unbelievably correct. Not only has my physical strength increased, but I am certainly more mentally prepared as well. I know for certain now that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Nothing seems as difficult as it used to, especially after surviving WODs with lateral burpees and running.” 

“I was recently hiking in Colorado Springs. Even with the altitude and grueling 75 degree inclines, I still made it up to the top of several mountains! Without CrossFit, I know I would not have been able to summit even one. I am a lot more physically and mentally fit since joining CrossFit Deep.”

Next up on Alyssa’s CrossFit ‘bucket list” the infamous, handstand push-up! 

“Being able to do handstand push-ups is my goal. I have been doing modified HSPU using the box since I started CrossFit. I fall off of the box quite a bit, so I still have a little practice to get in before being able to do a legit HSPU.”

We are confidents Alyssa will string together her HSPU in no time. Outside of the gym Alyssa works at The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center. 

“I am the Volunteer Coordinator for The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, near the Farmers Market. Volunteers provide a wealth of services for our guests at the shelter, including the Library, movies, karaoke, and bingo nights. I manage our volunteer program and all donations”

You can catch Alyssa in the 4:30 or 5:30 P.M. classes or hanging around Deep Ellum with her friends, on a run with her dog, Junie, or traveling! Next time you see Alyssa in the gym be sure to congratulate her on all CF accomplishments! 

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