2017 CrossFit Deep Nutrition Challenge Winners

This past January we held our annual CrossFit Deep Nutrition Challenge. Several CrossFit Deep athletes committed to 6 weeks of proper nutrition working with a Deep coach to dial-in and reach their New Year goals! At the end of 6 weeks 2 winners emerged losing a cumulative total of 20lbs, 18 inches, and gaining a ton of energy!

Get to know this years’ 2017 CrossFit Deep Nutrition winners: 


Trae Roberts

Prior to committing to the Nutrition Challenge, Trae’s diet consisted of drinking 1-4 soft drinks a day and eating fast food about 3-4 times a week. In just 6 weeks of adopting a new lifestyle Trae lost 16 lbs. 

“I think overall I did WAY better than I ever thought I would.  My original goal was to lose about 20 pounds by June, and I managed to drop 16 just in the 6 weeks of the challenge. I think it really showed just how completely awful my diet was before.” 

To keep on top of his nutrition Kati (the other winner, who is also his girlfriend) would hold each other accountable. 

“It helped a lot that since Kati and I live together it was easy for us to keep each other accountable for things. If one of us got weak and wanted to eat 7 Big Macs the other would talk them down.”

After the 6 week challenges Trae not only noticed physical changes, but mental changes as well. 

“I think physically I'm much happier with my appearance. I've still got a ways to go to get to my ideal weight, but I'm much closer to that now that where I was say a year ago. Mentally I think making good progress has made me want to stay more accountable to my health because I don't want to lose any of that progress.”

Trae Roberts 2017 Nutrition Challenge Before + After 

Trae Roberts 2017 Nutrition Challenge Before + After 


Kati Clausen

Prior to starting the Nutrition Challenge both Kati and Trae struggled with their nutrition for years. 

“Honestly our journeys are similar and somewhat intertwined. After dating for 5 years you tend to feel pretty comfortable around each other and we were no exception to that. Both of us have mentally and physically struggled since moving to Dallas a year and a half ago. As we both have advanced in our careers, so did the numbers on the scale. I've tried everything with my diet, from low carb to counting macros to even trying to be a raw vegan, but nothing would stick for longer than a few weeks, then it was back to pizza and cookie dough.”

After 6 weeks of shaking up her eating habits Kati noticed increased energy throughout her day! 

“Since finding CrossFit and starting the nutrition challenge things just began to click. With being a dental hygienist I am not able to fit many breaks in the day to eat, so the main thing I've noticed is my energy level. I wasn't able to make it through the morning without at least a diet coke or two and a rollercoaster of peaks and valleys. Now I can make it through the morning with consistent energy.”

“I wouldn't have been as successful in the challenge if it weren't for Trae. We would go back and forth between who wanted a cheat meal and who wanted to stay loyal. We pushed each other to meal prep and it even became part of our quality time together. We learned each other's weaknesses when it came to food and helped each other fight through them. I definitely wasn't the easiest to deal with the first couple of weeks, but Trae helped me stay the course.”

Post Nutrition Challenge both Kati and Trae have continued to encourage and push each other!  

“I know we (Trae) both really appreciate CrossFit Deep for giving us the opportunity to grow mentally and physically. We have continued to push each other even after the 6 week challenge and plan on continuing the Paleo lifestyle, plus a few donuts on the weekend.”

Congratulations to both Trae and Kati for all their hard work during the 2017 Nutrition Challenge! 

What Now?

The Opens are over! But wait, now what?

First, the entire Deep team wants to congratulate everyone for pushing themselves to their limits and in some cases, competing for the first time. We saw people complete movements for the first time, set PRs on lifts during grueling workouts, and come away with more confidence than ever. We also know from the experience of being in every Open since the beginning, that "Post Open Fatigue" can set in.

For five weeks we've structured every week's program around Friday's Open workout. After each workout, we crossed movements off a list of what we could see next. This means we often placed less emphasis on certain movements after seeing them used already. We make this choice every year to ensure our members can perform to the best of their ability each week. We also know that this somewhat places a pause on training to reach other goals. It is this grind that sometimes leaves people worn out and not sure what to get themselves excited for.

Don't worry, we have lots in store to get you excited and focused on new goals and achievements. This week will serve as a slight deload / taper to allow you to mentally and physically recover. Trust us, the workouts will still be hard, but the accumulated volume and intensity over the entire week will be less. 

Starting the first week of April, we will set our sights on a number of new goals. Programming will be up Sunday night for the entire week. We will release the goals for each six week cycle and our reasoning to help you understand what we are training towards.

Look for more announcements coming soon so if you haven't joined our members only Facebook group, go ahead and hop on that now!

Meek Movement - Hooves For Heroes

Visit https://www.crowdrise.com/meekmovement For More Info and How to Donate

Join Meek Movement and CrossFit Deep on March 17 from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm to watch Dallas' most elite CrossFit athletes perform the 2017 CrossFit Open Workout 17.4. The event will be benefiting Equest, a local non-profit that offers equine therapy services to children and adults. During this event Meek Movement will be raising funds for Equest's Hooves for Heroes Hippotherapy program for veterans, which provides outpatient physical and occupational therapy to veterans with movement dysfunction and disability.

Equest's mission is to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with diverse needs using horses to bring hope and healing through equine assisted activities and therapies. For 35 years, Equest has provided equine activities and therapies to thousands of children and adults with disabilities. In 2012, Equest began serving veterans and their family members through a variety of equine assisted programming including mental health counseling, physical and occupational therapy, horsemanship clinics, and educational workshops. Equest is strategically located to serve North Texas with two locations: Wylie TX (Rockwall County) and the new opened Equest at the Texas Horse Park located in south Dallas. Equest utilizes over 300 community volunteers each week in order to provide a safe and effective program. In 2015, Equest was named non-profit of the year in Dallas. 
This will be part of our Friday Night Lights, so we would love to see our members donate! Link in our bio😄

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-Herbert Newton Casson

CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Alyssa Greenwood-Francis

This weeks athlete features is relatively new to CrossFit, 5 months to be exact. In her short time CrossFitting Alyssa has impacted the CrossFit Deep community - get to know CrossFit Deep athlete, Alyssa Greenwood-Francis! 

Alyssa started her CrossFit training at CrossFit Deep this past August 2016. Since then she has been consistent with her training and hasn’t let up. 

“I started about 5 months ago, in August 2016. My friend received two passes for the Elements Course and we did it together. I joined as soon as the course finished. CrossFit allows me to compete against myself and only myself. Definitely a different type of mental and physical workout experience!”

"CrossFit Deep is the first and only CrossFit gym where I have been a member. I can’t see myself joining another gym either! CrossFit Deep is the most supportive workout environment I can imagine. The coaches are wildly knowledgeable and encouraging, and there’s nothing like bonding with friends over dying in the same workout."

"CrossFit Deep is the first and only CrossFit gym where I have been a member. I can’t see myself joining another gym either! CrossFit Deep is the most supportive workout environment I can imagine. The coaches are wildly knowledgeable and encouraging, and there’s nothing like bonding with friends over dying in the same workout."

Prior to trying out CrossFit Alyssa never really found anything that “stuck” when it came to her workouts. 

“My mom was a college athlete, so she assumed her daughter would be naturally athletic as well. Growing up, I was in every team sport imaginable, but never stayed on a team very long - mostly because I was not very athletic. I used running as my main form of exercise, and by running I mean I would run between a 0.5 mile to 1 mile and be extremely winded. I also had a gym membership for a period of time. When I did go to the gym, maybe once per week, I would use the weight machines or attend a cardio kickboxing class. I would feel like I was seriously working my body at the time, but my stamina or strength never significantly improved.”

We are glad Alyssa gave CrossFit a try. Since joining CF Deep Alyssa has seen both mental and physical results! 

“I remember Eric in our Elements Course saying something along the lines of, “Once you do CrossFit, everything else in life seems a lot easier.” He was unbelievably correct. Not only has my physical strength increased, but I am certainly more mentally prepared as well. I know for certain now that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Nothing seems as difficult as it used to, especially after surviving WODs with lateral burpees and running.” 

“I was recently hiking in Colorado Springs. Even with the altitude and grueling 75 degree inclines, I still made it up to the top of several mountains! Without CrossFit, I know I would not have been able to summit even one. I am a lot more physically and mentally fit since joining CrossFit Deep.”

Next up on Alyssa’s CrossFit ‘bucket list” the infamous, handstand push-up! 

“Being able to do handstand push-ups is my goal. I have been doing modified HSPU using the box since I started CrossFit. I fall off of the box quite a bit, so I still have a little practice to get in before being able to do a legit HSPU.”

We are confidents Alyssa will string together her HSPU in no time. Outside of the gym Alyssa works at The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center. 

“I am the Volunteer Coordinator for The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center, near the Farmers Market. Volunteers provide a wealth of services for our guests at the shelter, including the Library, movies, karaoke, and bingo nights. I manage our volunteer program and all donations”

You can catch Alyssa in the 4:30 or 5:30 P.M. classes or hanging around Deep Ellum with her friends, on a run with her dog, Junie, or traveling! Next time you see Alyssa in the gym be sure to congratulate her on all CF accomplishments! 

CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Jerry Delgado

This weeks athlete feature has been CrossFitting for over six years and has some impressive stats to prove that consistent work pays off. If you haven’t had a chance to meet him, you’re missing out. Get to know CrossFit Deep athlete, Jerry Delgado!

Jerry started his CrossFit training at CF Deep back in June of 2016 and has been consistent with his training since. 

“I was introduced to CrossFit through my twin brother when I came back from playing football in North Dakota. I was always muscle concentrated and a global gym kind of guy and didn’t think CrossFit was for me, but since that first workout I got hooked!”

Prior to starting CrossFit Jerry was a collegiate athlete playing cornerback in North Dakota. Unfortunately, his football career was cut short due to a serious injury. After rehabbing Jerry stayed fit through strongman and explosive lifts. 

“I did the usual strongman lifts and explosive lifts such as squats, bench, curls, power clean. I was not really into Orly lifts until I joined CrossFit in 2010.” 

Since joining CF Deep Jerry has improved both his physical strength and endurance. 

“Physically, CrossFit has challenged me in areas where I’ve had struggles with before, such as, body weight and gymnastic movements. I never thought i could do butterfly or kipping pull-ups. I never thought I would be able to get my body over rings or a bar for a muscle-up.” 

Not only can Jerry do all the gymnastic movements with finesse he squats 430lbs. Yes, you read that right. 

“My squat has for sure gone up. It went from my max being 415 to hitting 420 for a triple. Prior to CrossFit I never snatched, but since working on technique it has gone up to 250lbs.”

Next up on Jerry’s CrossFit bucket list is stringing together 15 unbroken muscle-ups and competing in his 4th CrossFit Open.

“I’m looking forward to The Open, it helps me see where I am at with myself and others from the past year. I love the competitive mode knowing your scores will be posted for everyone to see, and it’s just fun!” 

We have no doubt Jerry will get those 15 muscle-ups and crush the 2017 Open. 

Outside of the gym and work Jerry enjoys playing pick up football with friends and baseball. Next time you see him in the gym be sure to congratulate him on all his accomplishments! 


CrossFit Deep Coach Spotlight: Brittney Rice

You may have noticed a new face in the gym the past couple of weeks coaching the Wednesday afternoon and Friday evening classes. Brittney is the newest member of the CrossFit Deep coaching staff - with her coaching experience and athletic prowess she's a great addition to round out the CF Deep team! 

Get to know Brittney Rice: 

"With an athletic director and coach as a father, I've been playing sports since I could walk-maybe even before that. Since I can remember I've loved anything and everything active. That carried on through high school and college where I played every intramural sport possible as well as personal trained on the side. When I moved to Dallas after graduation, my job allowed me to try all different avenues of fitness including spin, yoga, boxing, butiyoga(yes that's a thing) and of course, crossfit. I loved that I not only got a great workout, but it allowed me to feel like an athlete in competition again-something I didn't realize I missed so much. I've been hooked ever since-so much so I became a coach in 2015. I love pushing athletes outside of their comfort zone and helping them realize their true potential! Crossfit Deep allows me the opportunity to pursue that daily."

Next time you see Brittney be sure to welcome her into the Deep community! 

CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: The Beltons

This week’s CrossFit Deep athlete feature is proof that “power couples” do exist. This power couple is committed to their fitness and health and can be found in the 5:30 AM class. Get to know CrossFit Deep Athletes Amy and Graham Belton!

Amy was the first to start her CrossFit journey a little over six years ago. Graham got the “itch” to try out CrossFit thanks to Amy.

“January 2015 is when I began. When we moved to Texas, I took about nine months off and regretted it every day. I have to thank my wonderful wife for introducing me to CrossFit when I had no desire previously.”

Prior to starting CrossFit Amy dabbled in a little cardio or in her words, “cardio, cardio, and more cardio!” While Graham participated in intramural sports and hit his local 24 Hour Fitness.

Since finding CrossFit Deep this past November, the Belton’s have remained consistent in their training, which has resulted in both mental and physical results!

“(Amy) Mentally has been the biggest change so far! I was in a pretty deep rut in terms of my fitness before we found Deep. Working out sporadically and half-assed when I did. CF Deep expects you to show up, and everything is geared around that. Not from a judgmental or pushy standpoint, but from truly caring about getting you to where you want to be. The coaching is awesome and so are the other members. Always stressing accountability and keeping you positive. Physically, I still have a long way to go, but I know if I keep coming consistently I’ll be rewarded in that regard. I’m hoping to see some real progress after the Nutrition Challenge!”

“(Graham) Mentally, I’m happier and more energetic during the day. Physically, I am starting to feel like I am getting back into the shape I need to be. I can tell I am stronger and daily life is just easier with more muscle and less fat!”

Not only have they seen change personally they have seen that through CrossFit their relationship has strengthened as well. Win-win in our opinion!

(Amy) “We support one another. From getting ourselves out of bed in the morning, to pushing and encouraging each other during our workouts and after class. We both have goals that we’re supporting the other to achieve, and when one of us gets weak, we have the other one there to shove the other back on track. We’re a team!”

(Graham) “It’s amazing, we push one another and hold each other accountable! We choose to be partners in life so it’s obvious we should be partners in fitness and I believe it strengthens us in all aspects of life.”

Next up on the Belton’s CrossFit Bucket list are to finish under the time cap, up their back-squat max, string together the dreaded double-unders, and pull-ups. We know they will be crossing off their goals in no time.

“(Amy) Honestly, I’d really just love to finish within a time cap! Short term I would like to string together 3 or four double unders; long term I want pull-ups and getting back to box jumps.”

“(Graham) I would like to get my back squat to 350!”

Outside of the gym and work (Amy doing Ad Tech sales at Centro and Graham in Corporate Recruiting for Molina Healthcare of Texas) you can find them spending time with their dogs Ben and Rooney, traveling, enjoying “Sunday Fundays”, and watching Steelers and Penn State football!

Next time you see Amy and Graham be sure to congratulate them on all their CF accomplishments!  

CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Edgar Gomez

This week's CrossFit Deep athlete feature has been CrossFitting for almost 3 years and has been a part of the Deep community for almost two. If you don't already know him, you're missing out. Get to know CrossFit Deep athlete, Edgar Gomez! 

Edgar started CrossFitting at CF Deep back in May of 2015 and has not let up.  

"I've been CrossFitting for almost 3 years now and I seriously can not see myself doing any other type of fitness. I'm not sure it it's the constant challenge of the WODs or the community aspect of CrossFit that keeps me motivated and coming back every day, but i'm hooked." 

Prior to starting CrossFit Edgar never really found a consistent fitness regiment. 

"Before CrossFit I honestly didn't do much, but I would occasionally play tennis with friends or go for runs. It wasn't until I found CrossFit that I became fitness oriented." 

Alongside his weekly CrossFit training classes Edgar has also picked up a new sport... RUGBY!

"I'm currently playing rugby with the Dallas Diablos RFC and I love it! I normally go to practice twice a week after CF and I play a flanker in the team."

Since joining CF Deep Edgar has seen significant improvements both physically and mentally. 

"I've improved so much since I joined Deep. I've lost a lot of weight in the process, my strength has increased tremendously, but I think most importantly I've learned to rely on my mind to push through the WODs - thanks to the constant self-encouragement and the encouragement of the coaches." 

Next up on Edgar's CrossFit bucket list is getting the infamous muscle-ups and chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Outside of work as the leasing consultant for The Davis Building Downtown you can find him in the kitchen baking! 

"My biggest guilty pleasure in the world is cake! I understand I shouldn't indulge as much, but what can I say? I love cake!! I really enjoy baking and even though I don't have a lot of free time for it; every time I get a cake request from a family member or a friend I try to make it happen." 

Next time you see Edgar be sure to congratulate him on all his CF accomplishments, and while you're at it go ahead and put in a cake order you know you want to! 

                                          give them a follow on instagram @chamoscakes

                                          give them a follow on instagram @chamoscakes

Clothing Drive

Clothing Drive for the homeless:

Please bring any clothing items that you would like to donate to the gym Monday 12/12 – Friday 12/16.

Clothing items can include:

  • Jackets
  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Pants
  • Blankets

We will take the donations to Dallas Life, a homeless shelter downtown.

 “Clothing is a basic necessity often taken for granted in today’s society. Hundreds of clothing donations arrive at Dallas LIFE through our in-kind donation program. The items are sorted, logged, and placed in our clothing room, where residents can select outfits for themselves for daily living, job interviews, as well as for their children.”

Deep Training Cycle Three

Deep Training Cycle Three


Our second cycle is in the books and yet again everyone smashed their retests! It was pretty amazing getting back in town and having everyone tell me about their PRs. If you forgot to log your results from the retests, go back and do it! Also, please do me a huge favor and head over to this google sheet and fill in your PRs so I can do some math geek stuff. 

Like last time, we will have a transition week focused on some fun and sexy CrossFit workouts. The week will have a bit less volume and the intensity for strength work will be lower as well. The goal is active recovery and a break from focused all-out effort training. 


Because of the Holidays, Cycle Three will be broken into two parts. Each part will last four weeks. Part 1 will run from November 28th until December 23rd and Part 2 will run from January 2nd to the 27th. This will give everyone the week of Christmas through New Years to relax before picking up the last part of the cycle.

It may be hard to believe, but the 2017 CrossFit Open is around the corner. Cycle Three will be heavily focused on getting you best prepared for The Open. You may have noticed that this past cycle had a very big strength focus. The goal was to get you feeling as strong as possible before we transition to open training.

Please leave a comment with anything you would like to see us focus on in this next cycle. A movement, skill, or even a specific workout.

CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Meredith Barthelemy

This week’s CrossFit Deep athlete feature has been CrossFitting a little over three years, and it shows. Get to know CrossFit Deep athlete, Meredith Barthelemy!

Meredith started CrossFitting at CrossFit Deep this past February 2016. In these past nine months, Meredith has been consistent week in and week out contributing to increased strength and endurance.

Prior to starting CrossFit, Meredith was a Muay Thai fighter for several years. Yep, you read that right – a Muay Thai Fighter!

“No one ever believes me when I say this, but I was a Muay Thai fighter several years before I found CrossFit! I started doing cardio kickboxing after graduate school as a fun way to keep in shape with my friends. I would always see the fighters coming in to train as I was leaving and noticed there weren’t any female fighters. I took that as a challenge!”

“I joined the ‘fight team’ and after two years of training, I started fighting in a sanctioned Muay Thai bouts. It was a really fun and challenging sport and to this day, nothing quite compares to the feeling of walking out in front of a big crowd to your favorite song, your coach giving you a pep talk, and hearing the crowd cheer for you!”

Not only should you NOT challenge Meredith to a bout you should probably not bet on beating her on a WOD. In these past few years Meredith has seen significant improvements both physically and mentally.

“Physically, I’ve lost nearly 15 lbs since starting at Deep and my strength and endurance have improved dramatically! I’ve noticed significant improvement in my barbell cycling, running, and gymnastics. When I came to Deep, I was pretty one-dimensional in that I like to move heavy weight… very slowly. BUT the coaches and programming at Deep over the past 9 months have made me a much more versatile athlete.”

Being a part of the Deep community has helped Meredith adjust to a new city and understand how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

“Mentally, being a member of Deep has helped me adjust to living in a brand-new city. I moved from Phoenix to Dallas in February and everything was new and scary! So it was great to have something with which I was familiar and a welcoming community to go to after work each day. Initially, Deep gave me something to look forward to at the end of each day. But now, Deep has given me both the strength to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and also to be comfortable and confident running my own race. My job involves a lot of uncertainty and difficult decision-making each day, so these skills I have learned in the gym have carried over to my work life.”

Next up on Meredith’s CrossFit bucket list is to improve her gymnastics.

“I have seen so much gymnastic progress since I started at Deep so I’d like to continue that by learning to butterfly my pull-ups and get a muscle-up! For lifting, I don’t focus as much as one rep max lifts as I used to; these days, I strive to PR my moderate/heavy barbell cycling rather than my max lifts.”

Outside of work as the Director of Operations for the SPCA of Texas, where she oversees the clinics, pet programs, and main shelter operations, you can find Meredith hanging out with her dog and boyfriend, watching horror films, or reading a mystery book.

“Unsurprisingly based on my job, my two dogs are a huge part of my life! My boyfriend and I like to take them on weekend walks and picnics in new places. I also love doing sprint/track workouts on the weekends. I’m a horror movie fanatic (I’m positive I’ve seen just about every scary movie ever made) and am always reading a suspense novel. Like most CrossFitters, I also love food and trying new restaurants! If it weren’t for those pesky macros I follow, I could easily survive on pizza, sushi and cupcakes every day.”

Next time you see Meredith in the gym tell her ‘congrats’ on being this week’s athlete feature – just don’t ask to see some of her Muay Thai moves.

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