Special community of fitness and health enthusiasts in Dallas, Texas

As creatures of The Deep, we thrive in unbearable conditions.

Our Credo

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline



Our aim? Develop regionals level athletes, field a team, and have some fun.

Our program is built with the following principles in mind:

I. Strength is the primary tenant of a CrossFit athlete.

II. Your skills are basically worthless if you can't do them efficiently and consistently when aerobically and muscularly taxed.

III. Training partners and coaches are invaluable for continued athletic development.

IV. Garbage in = Garbage out. 

Progressive Overload

Each cycle begins with a focus on progressive overload and then advances to a block periodization model.

Progressive Overload must start with weights you can move with perfect technical form. Therefore, we believe our foundation is created early in a cycle and without the aid of weightlifting accessories. These accessories are often used to mask weaknesses, whether they be strength or mobility. By bringing these weaknesses out in the open, we can attack them with every training session.

Block Periodization

Most "CrossFit" training programs underestimate or flat out ignore the issues with developing athletic qualities in parallel. Focus on too much and nothing improves. Focus on too little and neglected skills diminish.

Block Periodization arranges important qualities that will indirectly and positively impact the qualities in each consecutive block. The grouping of these qualities is done from least to most competition specific.