Deep Comp- 2/9/17

Our team workout on Saturday will be  participating in "Love Runs Deep" at 8am. Should be a fun competition, so hurry and find a partner who is NOT on the comp team. If you need help, let us know as soon as possible.


The workouts were constructed to accommodate all skill levels. If you find them too easy, move faster. The one thing I want you guys to scale up is pull-ups, which will be scaled up to C2B. 


I. Conditioning 1

A. EMOM 10 (work 30s, rest 30)

3 Power Snatch @60%  and ME A/B


II. Conditioning  2

(Choose B1 or B2) 

B1. 10x250m Row (rest 90s) 

  1. faster than 2k pace by 3-5s

B2. OR go play a conventional sport if your able to do the comp on Friday and don't need another conditioning workout today. Get out of breath, stay out of breath, and don't get hurt. 

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