Deep Comp- 2/8/17



I. Weightlifting  

A. EMOM 5- 3 Snatch @70%

(rest 2:00) 

B. EMOM 5- 2 Snatch @75% 

(rest 2:00) 

C. EMOM 5- 1 Snatch @80% 


II. Strength  

D1. Bulgarian Split Squats- 4x6 e/s 4210

  1. Working weight AHAP

D2. Batwing Holds- 4x30s

  1. Rest as needed between movements. 


III. Conditioning  

5 Rounds AFAP:

3 Deadlifts @80%

5 Ring Muscleups  

12/9 Calorie Assault Bike

(Rest 3:00) 

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