Deep Comp- 1/10/17

I. Back Prehab Warmup

3:00 Aerobic Element (row, run, or bike)

2:00s Couch e/s (quad focused 1 min, iliopsoas focused 1 min)

  1. Keep HR in the 60-70%, looking for burn of awareness, not pain indicative of a nearly failed set.

30 Dead Walks (very light)

25 Clamshells E/S

20 Prone SL Hip Extension and Knee Flexion

15 Reverse Hypers 3-1-x-2

10 Bird/Dogs e/s 3-1-3-1

5 Slow Frog Squats 6-2-6-2 (quadruped position with knees splayed)

Optional: Banded Glute Bridges- 1 x 30

  1. Longevity and wellness is paramount, especially this time of year. It's critical to break the routine of just "Strength and Conditioning" and add some maintenance/rehab/prehab in occasionally. This portion will help you get a feel for whats going on in your posterior chain, as well as get everything firing optimally before you deadlift heavy. Take this portion seriously, it's here and placed first for a reason. 


II. Powerlifting

A. Deadlift-

1 x 5 @72% 

2 x 5 @77% 

1 x 4 @80% 

1 x 3 @85% 

  1. Rest as needed


III. Conditioning


17 Calorie Assault Bike

17 Deadlifts 185/135

17 Calorie Row

17 DB Thrusters 40/30

17 Burpees

  1. This is a deadly little concoction created to test all of my athletes, both clients and competitors in two thousand "seventeen". It will be retested in the future to measure progress. 
  2. The goal is to go unbroken, as quickly as humanly possible. Scores have ranged from high 8's to low 4's. 
  3. There is an exponential relationship between effort and calories on the assault bike, and a linear relationship on the rower. What that means is you will want to go at near maximal effort on the bike, because the return will be worth the effort investment. This will pre-fatigue you for the rest of the workout, which is where the beauty lies. What type of pain can you endure? Are you as tough as you think you are? As tough as your teammates?
  4. On the rower, you'll want to pull harder than 15.5, but control your strokes per minute (24-29). 
  5. Everything else is a sprint with reckless abandon. Make it hurt, cuties.





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