Deep Comp- 1/26/17 - 1/29/17

FG '17 Playbook

We're going to battle this weekend. Listed below are some things to help you show up prepared, minimize stress and block out unneeded noise, and put forth your best effort for the person next to you.

I. What to Pack

A. Exercise Equipment- Bring everything but the kitchen sink. Bring anything you could possibly need, and extras in case something breaks or someone forgets something. This includes running shoes, Crossfit shoes, weightlifting shoes, long/short socks, base layers/tights, shorts, pants, jackets, gloves, hats, rope, belts, knee sleeves, braces, gymnastic grips, tape, sunscreen, Climb on/hand repair, and anything else I didn't mention that is unique to your needs. I would recommend looking at each individual workout and mentally going through your preparation, thinking of everything you might need. THEN, figure out how to fit all of the stuff that is high priority into ONE gym bag that you will carry with you to the stadium, and keep the "reserves" in your car/hotel/house.

B. Fuel- Mentally walk through your night routine, morning routine, pre-workout routine, and post workout routine, then pack everything involved. I would highly recommend bringing as much pre-made food as possible, and fill the gaps with a grocery visit in Austin. It'll be cheaper this way and it's just one less thing to worry about, thus contributing to a clearer head at at the sound of 3-2-1-GO. This could include bringing a cooler with Power Supply / SNAP Kitchen etc, bananas and other simple carbs, complex carbs, BCAAs, hydration matrices, pre workout powder, post workout powder, ibuprofen, etc. (note about pre-workout dosing: Do not consume the same amount that you normally do before each workout. Take your total dosage from a training day, divide it by the number of workouts in the day, and take that before your workouts. This will be less "energy", but if you can't summon some adrenaline on competition day, then that's a whole different problem). As far as fuel timing is concerned, it is considered ideal to have a fairly balanced meal 90-120 minutes before exercise, simple carbs and pre-workout 20-30 minutes before exercise, and post-workout carbohydrates and protein following your workout. If able, supplement with BCAAs and hydration matrices throughout the day.

C. Basics- Don't forget the basic things like IDs, clothes, toiletries, chargers, headphones, etc. ..

II. Team Schedules

A. Crossfit Deep

Saturday- District 9 @8:00am

Saturday- Team Assaulted @1:30pm

Saturday- DeadPull @3:45pm

Sunday- Clean Streak @9:50am

Sunday- United We Stand @1:50pm

B. Hoges and the Halograms

Saturday- District 9 @8:05

Saturday- Team Assaulted @1:30pm

Saturday- DeadPull @3:45pm

Sunday- Clean Streak @9:50am

Sunday- United We Stand @1:50pm

  • Unless things change, looks like we're both in Heat 1 all weekend, with the exception of H&H on event 1. Dan will also be competing in the amateur division, so we'll all do our best to support him whenever possible. 

III. Team Procedures

A. Night routine- Lights will be off at the house 8 hours before we have to be up (recommend the same for the hotel crew). You don't have to go to sleep at that time, but we don't want to impede those who do. I would recommend spending time visualizing and foam rolling in the hours leading up to sleep, but try to get your mind off the event while you're actually in bed. If you're someone who knows they'll be restless and anxious, take a sleep-aid preemptively, not when it's already too late (and don't try anything you haven't had success with in the past).

B. Morning Routine- We will provide check-in locations and times, and will do our best to sit together. If you're not at least 5 minutes early, then you're late. 

C. Warmup, Debrief, Uniforms, etc.- We will warmup as a team long before the event, leaving everyone additional time to do person-specific warmups. We will debrief as a team, giving everyone a chance to discuss what went well/what could have been executed better, and do an individual assessment of physical health. Once event-specific debriefs are completed, your job is to tare the scale and forget about that workout. The best athletes have short term memory, no matter how well/poorly an event goes. From there we'll move onward and upward together and prepare for the next workout. You're representing your family at Crossfit Deep, so wear as much Deep gear as possible. You can match if you'd like to, but that's not required. Remember that you're representing your teammates, coaches, and entire gym. So, keep your composure throughout the weekend, exercise with integrity and humility, and be a good sport to those around you.

IV. Effort and Goals

Effort- You have the green light to give 100%. Anything less than that is an insult to the person next to you. You do not have the green light to "go dark", get mindless, and hurt yourself. Listen to what you're body is telling you. If you can't enter "beastmode" without getting hurt, then don't do it. The big show starts in 4 weeks, and we'll be more prepared after this experience. The goal this weekend is give your full effort, to individually learn, and collectively grow. Regardless of the result, if you have done these things it will be a successful weekend.

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline



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