Deep Comp- 1/25-26/17

I. Study

The difference between the Patriots and every other team in the NFL is the preparation that Bill Belichick demands from his athletes. He requires them to know their opponent as well as their own teammates and requires complete situational awareness (down and distance, assignment, possible penalties that could be drawn, etc.). The same is expected of you. Print out the workout descriptions and study them until you know them forward and backward. If you don't prepare for the known, then you won't be ready to adapt to the unknown on game day. There will be a lot of things that you cannot control this weekend, but you're preparation is not one of them. Take advantage of that four our trip to Austin! 


II. Strength

A. Jerk- 4 x 2 at 75-80% (from blocks/racks)


III. Conditioning

B. Perform "Team Assaulted 2 x 5" with all four members of your team (if possible).


IV. Conditioning 2

C. Perform "practice" for "Team Dead Pull" either today or tomorrow.

-These key to this workout will be minimizing partner switches, picking the right partners, and having specific assignments heading into the workout. You should know exactly who's doing what before the workout begins. Spend time developing the game plan an then doing then, do:

(Male/Female Sequence)
Uneven Loaded Bar 410#
Partner Deadlift

R1/ Unison Pull-ups
R2/ Unison Chest to Bar Pull-ups
R3/ Unison Bar Muscle-ups





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