Deep Comp- 1/24/17

"United We Handstand"

The most important aspect of this workout is giving each team member the right assignment of reps, so that we're able to get the most possible work completed in the least amount of time. The workout is listed below, linked above, and your "test" is listed at the bottom.

4 SB Burpee Ground to Overhead
8 SB Pistols
4 SB Burpee Ground to Overhead

P2 Completes:

P3 Completes:

P4 Completes:

  • TIME CAP: 12 Minutes
  • Pro: 60/40 Sandbag
  • Amateur: 40/20 Sandbag

I. Test

After spending 15-20 Minutes warming up and experimenting with different different pistol rack positions, each team member will perform "P2", which is 48 reps total.

P2 Completes:

Based on the team's results, you will be able to assign the order:

P1- 32 reps total (slowest athlete)

P2- 48 reps total (second slowest athlete)

P3- 64 reps total (second fastest athlete)

P4- 80 reps total (fastest athlete)

Total reps: 224 


II. Weightlifting

A. Hang Snatch- 5 x 3 @70%


III. Conditioning

Run 2.5 Miles at a steady state of 65-75% effort. The goal here is to accumulate a similar time on your feet as the obstacle run this weekend. These movements will likely NOT simulate the movements you see this weekend, but they'll help you adjust to running after a moderate heart rate spike / shift of energy systems.  Every two minutes stop to do the following.

2:00- 5 Burpees with max height jump

4:00- 7 Plyo Pushups

6:00- 9 Max Height Squat Jumps

8:00- 40' Bear Crawl

10:00- 40' Partner Carry

Proceed through this exercises every 2 minutes. The exercises should be performed at maximum intensity, and the run should be submaximal (65-75%) until gameday.



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