Deep Comp- 1/23/17

This is a respite and preparatory week for Team Deep. If you're not competing this weekend, you'll still benefit from the decrease in intensity and development of new skills. The taper begins on Tuesday. Please fight the urge to do extra work and be sure to make travel arrangements to come support your teammates this weekend!

Below is the plan for "practice"

Monday- Clean Streak

Tuesday- United we Handstand

Wednesday- Assaulted

Floater- Deadpull 


I. Strength

A. Back Squat- 5 x 3 @80%

B. Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean: 

E2MOM for 10, build from ~50% to 265/165 


II. Practice

"Clean Streak"

  1. Perform the workout as prescribed, BUT add one minute of rest after each run.
  2. We want to be prepared for a dead sprint on game day, so we will practice the reps as touch and go today, but only run at 85-90% until game day. 


III. Conditioning

17 Minutes on the assault bike:

5 Minutes intervals at 70%, 75% and 80% with one minute of active recovery between splits (45-50%).

  1. Note your target RPM and total calories for each split.


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