Deep Comp- 1/2/17

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, today is day 1 of our "Open Cycle". This will be a 7 week Cycle that will taper halfway week 5, so we're rolling into the Open season feeling fresh. You can expect strength volume start high and taper down throughout the cycle. Conditioning volume and intensity will be closely monitored, and notes for conditioning workouts will often be provided to help you get the desired effect. Exercise with intention, and start to hone in on your ability to compete with yourself, regardless of your fondness for the workout and how you measure up with you peers. We're going to have a great season, guys. The time to lock it in is now.


I. Conditioning

Open Workout 12.1

Amrap 7

Burpees (6" target, be precise)

  1. Click the link to compare scores. 


II. Strength

A. Snatch- Work to a heavy triple (15 Minutes)

  1.  45s Window for all three reps, not TnG

B. TnG Snatch- 5 x 2 at 90% of A (E2MOM)


III. Conditioning

5 Rounds

30s ME Assault Bike

Rest 5:00

  1. 100% intensity  


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