Deep Comp- 9/30/16

As coaches, we're always looking for ways to create a better team experience for our athletes and teammates. We have noticed that inclusiveness can create a revolving door, diminishing a sense of cohesiveness. On the other hand, exclusiveness requires accountability and enforcement, but can lead to a better sense of team, as each member makes sacrifices for one another.

This is all to say that over the course of the next couple months, we're going to tighten things up. Our hope is that everyone buys into the program and reaps the benefits of what a team sport has to offer. However, if you're unable to meet the requirements of being on the team, then you will be asked to participate in the classes.

All of the requirements will be commitment based, not necessarily performance based, because we firmly believe teammates have much more to offer than physical talent, and everyone starts somewhere. Our vision is excellence, but our current trajectory is more of a free for all due to our leniency. Below you can find some new requirements for Deep Comp members. We will continue to update the list here as things evolve.

New Requirements

  1. Saturday workouts are mandatory, unless you're out of town. No excuses
  2. Complete all of the work, everyday, and post your results in detail before the end of the day.

You are expected to schedule a meeting with Chip and Eric (at the same time) if any of this is problematic for you. If injuries, time constraints, or a lapse of will power are preventing you from completing the work, you need to schedule a meeting.

We're proud of and grateful for our current group of athletes. It's going to be a remarkable season for all who have what it takes to relentlessly attack the program, believe in our team's potential, and continuously look for ways to grow closer to each and every one of our teammates.

Session 1: Engine


2 x 800m Run (rest 1:15) 

2 x 400m Run (rest 1:30) 

4 x 200m Run (rest 1:45)

  1. Shoot for consistent times at each distance.


Session 2: Weightlifting

A. Power Snatch: Build to 2 x 3 at a working weight

B. Bench Press: 5 x 3 at a working weight, no higher than 85% 


Session 1 or 2: Gymnastics

C. 3 Sets for time:

Two Legless Rope Climbs

40' HS Walk

12-15 Strict Stationary Dips

(Rest 4 Minutes)

  1. Do not jump onto the rope




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