Deep Comp- 9/23/16

Session 1: Engine

3 x 800m Run (rest 90 seconds) 

3 x 400m Run (rest 2 minutes) 

  1. Run the 800s at your avg pace from last week.
  2. Run the 400s slightly faster than last week's pace.


Session 2: Weightlifting

A. Snatch- work to a heavy single (12 Minutes)

  1. Perform this before running if you're combining session 1 and 2.
  2. You may work to 100% or higher if you feel great today. Only one miss allowed. This is not a testing day, so listen to your body.
  3. Do 3 drop sets at 90% of today's heavy single. Rest as needed.

B. Press- 4 x 5 (working weight)


Session 1 or 2: Gymnastics

C. Alternating EMOM 10

Even Minutes- One legless rope climb and one rope climb

Odd Minutes- Accumulate 15-20s of freestanding handstand holds (4x4 ft box)


. E2MOM for 10 Minutes (5 sets):

6-8 Weighted Stationary Dips (21x1)





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