Deep Comp- 9/19/16

 I. Engine (Session 1)

4 x 500m row (rest 90s)

  1. We will be doing one additional row each week for the following three weeks. Pick a pace that is manageable with this in mind. A ballpark figure is 1 to 3 seconds slower than the pace you've been using the last four weeks. 


II. Weightlifting (Session 2)

A. Snatch From Above Knee (Blocks): 4 x 2  @ 75-80%

  1. One focus here is lengthening the first pull through continuation of leg drive above the knee.
  2. Our other focus is correct positioning, and strengthening the portion of the movement above the knee.
  3. Begin with your shins vertical, weight distributed predominantly in your heels, and your shoulders slightly in front of the bar. To begin the movement, floor press with your legs and keep your back angle the same for as long as possible before transitioning to the power position.

B. Behind Neck Power Jerk + Power Jerk + Split Jerk: 4 x 1+1+1 @75%

  1. Our focus here is a vertical torso during the dip-drive and bar positioning in the receiving position.

C. Back Squat: 4 x 5 @ 90% of Wk1 5RM


III. Gymnastics (Session 1 or 2)

D. Strict Weighted Chin-ups: 4 x 5 (22x1) (rest 2 minutes)

  1. Working weight

E. Chest to Bar Pullups: Reps/Rest






  1. If these numbers are unattainable, scale the first set to 60 to 65% of your max c2b and descend from there.


IV. Conditioning 2 (Session 2)

Tabata mashup

  1. 8 consecutive minutes of tabata, alternating between movements

Hang Power Snatch 115/80#

Lateral Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20"


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