Deep Comp- 9/1/16

Session 1: Engine

Every 4 for 32 (8 sets): Run 400m

  1. Pick a goal time that is 2-3 seconds faster than last week's average. Your goal is to hit that number every run, without any drop off. 


Session 2: Weightlifting

A. Halting Snatch Deadlift - Build to a medium-heavy 5, TnG 

  1. Pause for 2s mid thigh
  2. Only build as heavy as your form allows. Most people went way to heavy last week  

B. Muscle Clean - 3 x 5 AHAP at a working weight


Session 1 or 2: Gymnastics

C. Strict Dips- 4 x 6-8 (32x2) (rest 60-120s)

D. Muscleups- 4 x 5-8 (rest as needed)


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