Deep Comp- 9/6/16



I. Weightlifting

A. Snatch Pull Under - 3 x 3 working weight

  1. Stand in the power position, flex quads, extend ankles and pull under the bar. Do not move feet laterally or let them leave the ground.

B. Snatch High Pull + Power Snatch + BTK Hang Snatch - Find a max for 1+1+1, then drop down at 95% and 90%

C. Halting Snatch Deadlift - Find a heavy 5, then drop down at 95% and 90%

  1. Pause for a full two seconds below and above the knee.


II. Gymnastics

C. Deficit Strict HSPU 4 x 4-5 (20x2) (rest 2 minutes)

D. Kipping HSPU

19/2 mins






III. Conditioning

3 x AMRAP 5 (rest 2 mins)

5 Muscleups

20 Front Squats 95/65#

50 Double Unders

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