Deep Comp- 9/5/16



Session 1: (Engine)

10 Rounds (30 Minutes)
60s A/B at a fast pace
60s A/B at a recovery pace

  1. Try and go faster than your fast interval pace from the last two weeks.
  2. List total cals and avg/goal paces.


Session 2: (Weightlifting)

Last week of maxing..

A. Push Press + Jerk: Find a max 3 +1, then complete one drop set at 90 and 85%

B. Back Squat: Find a max 3, then complete one drop set at 90 and 85%


Session 1 or 2: (Gymnastics)

E. Strict Weighted Pullups: 3 x 4-6 (22x1) (rest 2 minutes)

  1. Working weight

F. Chest to Bar Pullups: Reps/Rest

19/2 mins





  1. If these numbers are unattainable, scale the first set to 60 to 65% of your max c2b and descend from there.

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