Deep Comp- 8/24/16


You should feel trashed today. That's ok, remember what week one felt like last cycle? Just hang tight and It'll get better. As your body adapts you will see long term improvements in performance. It's important to understand the difference between fatigue and soreness, and injury. You're expected to push through one but not the other. We'll be good and ready for a well earned rest day tomorrow.


Session 1: Engine

5 x 300 meters (rest two minutes)

  1. Use the erg's interval feature, row at a pace that is 5% faster than your 2k 500m split, and shoot for absolute precision. If your goal pace is 140.0, then 139.8 is worse than 140.1. Upon completion, go to the erg's memory display and take note of your avg pace.


Session 2: Weightlifting

A. Clean First Pull + Power Clean + Hang Clean: Find a very heavy complex of 1+1+1, then perform one drop set at 95% and 90%

B. Pressing Jerk Balance - 4 x 3 at working weight

  1. This is a new movement. Have a coach show you proper technique. 

C. Pause Front Squat - Find a very heavy 3, then perform one drop set at 95% and 90%. Pause for a true 2 seconds.


Session 1 or 2: Gymnastics

D. Strict T2B 3 x 5-7 (2112) (rest 2 minutes)

E. Kipping T2B 4 x 14-20 (unbroken, rest 60-120s)




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